Bigg Boss 5 Telugu voting for fourth week nominations includes eight contestants, who will get voted out?

BB5 Telugu Week 4 nominations

How are the contestants playing at Bigg Boss house? It’s’ hard to imagine what kind of strategies are being played. But this time, new allegations are also coming. The claims made by some of the contestants who came out are making everyone think. They came to talk to Siri Shan outside. That is why Sarayu accused them of playing together like that. And then some in the house told me about the anchor Ravi Lobo relationship. The contestants said that they would meet again even if they nominated each other, that the two were the same, that Ravi would be angry with Lobo for anything.

But it makes sense if you look at the recently released promo that those things are true. Lobo spilled in the nomination for the fourth week. He exposed the original look. However, the reason given by Lobo seemed silly again. He is making nominations for the worst reasons. Not named Lobo, but this time not all of the contestants were nominated for the right reasons.

The reasons given by Lobo are very safe even in the tasks assigned by Nagarjuna. In the fourth week of the nomination, Lobo seems to have targeted Priya with something in mind. Lobo tells his past in the task given by Big Boss to tell first love things as Priya commented on it. Lobo did not like Priya saying that it was like a movie story.

Lobo was reminded of the same thing in the nomination. He was angry with Priya. It is not good to burn like that, Priya warned. He yelled like that and went over and over. And finally, Lobo cried again. Ravi came and consoled. Priya chuckled as Lobo kept one in mind and the other spoke out.

Finally, eight contestants are nominated for fourth-week elimination. As per our sources, the nominated contestants in the fourth week include Ravi, Kajal, Siri, Lobo, VJ Sunny, Priya, Anee Master, and Natraj Master.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Week 4 Nominations

      • Ravi
      • Kajal
      • Priya
      • Siri
      • Lobo
      • VJ Sunny
      • Anee Master
      • Natraj Master

      Bigg Boss 5 Telugu contestants in Danger Zone for elimination

      The audience feels that Siri, VJ Sunny, and Natraj Master are likely to get into the danger zone. Coming to VJ Sunny and Natraj Master, though they participate in all the tasks, it is learned that these two housemates have not yet started their game which is why it is tough for them to build up a fan following.

    • Voting missed call numbers of nominated contestants in the first week of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu:
      • Ravi – 8886658219
      • Kajal – 8886658217
      • Priya – 8886658207
      • Siri – 8886658201
      • Lobo – 8886658206
      • VJ Sunny – 8886658202
      • Anee Master – 8886658205
      • Natraj Master – 8886658212

      Voting through Hotstar:

      Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 voting process on Hotstar involves logging into the app through email/Facebook. The viewers are required to search for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 episode of a particular day and click on the vote option that can be seen below the episode video.

    • Among the nine contestants nominated for elimination this week, you can vote for your favorite contestant(s) and cast your vote. Every user will be given ten votes per day, either cast for one contestant or split among multiple contestants.

Here is the unofficial poll from TheNewsCrunch for Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 week four nominations.


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