Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Vote: 9 contestants nominated for week 5 elimination in BB5 Telugu

BB5 Telugu nominations week 5

The Big Reality Show ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5’ hosted by King Nagarjuna has completed four weeks. Four contestants have already been eliminated. Four contestants Sarayu, Umadevi, Lahari, and Nataraj, have been eliminated from the show in the last four weeks. The show is entering its fifth week with this day.

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Nominations for elimination will be made for the fifth week in tonight’s episode. According to the latest information, Ravi, Lobo, Priya, Shanmukh, Sunny, Manas, Jaswant, Vishwa, and Hamida have been nominated for elimination in Bigg Boss House this week.

Each contestant was called to the confession room during the nomination process. They all have to select two members for the nomination and tell Bigg Boss privately. Looking at the promo, this episode seems to have gone as wild as every nomination episode. Ravi, Lobo, Priya, and Sunny were nominated last week. They are also in the Danger Zone this week. While there are nine nominees at Bigg Boss House this week, who will say goodbye to Bigg Boss remains to be seen.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Week 5 Nominations

  • Lobo
  • Ravi
  • Shanmukh
  • Priya
  • Maanas
  • Sunny
  • Jaswant
  • Vishwa
  • Hamida

Voting missed call numbers of nominated contestants in the first week of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu:

  • Lobo – 8886658206
  • Ravi- 8886658219
  • Shanmukh – 8886658210
  • Priya – 8886658207
  • Maanas – 8886658216
  • Sunny – 8886658202
  • Jaswant – 8886658208
  • Vishwa – 8886658214
  • Hamida – 8886658211

Voting through Hotstar:

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 voting process on Hotstar involves logging into the app through email/Facebook. The viewers are required to search for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 episode of a particular day and click on the vote option that can be seen below the episode video. Among the nine contestants nominated for elimination this week, you can vote for your favorite contestant(s) and cast your vote. Every user will be given ten votes per day, either cast for one contestant or split among multiple contestants.

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