Bigg Boss 5 Telugu logo unveiled, new season to start soon

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu logo

Bigg Boss is at the forefront of super hit reality shows on television. The show started in Hindi and later in regional languages. The show was well-received in Telugu. Fans are eagerly awaiting when the fifth season of Bigg Boss, which has already completed four seasons, will begin. Ever since they started guessing who will be the contestants in the fifth season, some news is also circulating on social media.

The star is especially impressed with the reality show airing on our channel. The fourth season of Bigg Boss was postponed last year due to COVID 19 but continued to be successful after that. The latest update about this reality show has raised even more excitement among the fans. The organizers mentioned in this update that we are coming soon to greet all of you soon. However, it is not clear when the reality show will start.

However, the recently released fifth season logo impresses everyone. This time it will be like a golden maze. Bigg Boss Visual Identity is designed to reflect this idea as well as the subtleties of the game. It is designed to create a world of unexpected twists and turns for every guest in the house. All the contestants who enter the Bigg Boss house find themselves attempting to stand as a winner. Not only is there a single entrance and exit to this house, but there are also many avenues that lead to many illusions, acting, drama, love, entertainment, fun. Bigg Boss is ready to entertain this time around in an impressive way with many twists and turns.

And there is already a lot of news about the contestants coming this season. Anchor Varshini, Anchor Ravi, Character Artist Surekha Vani, TV Actress Navyaswamy, YouTuber Shanmukh Jashwant, Heroine Isha Chawla, Anchor Siva, Shekhar Master, Lobo, Singer Mangli, Anchor Pratyusha, and TikTok star Durga Rao. We will have to wait for a few more days for clarity on this.


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