Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination: Priyanka Singh eliminated from BB house in 13th week elimination

BB5 Telugu elimination Priyanka Singh

The reality tv show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is in its 13th week, and the contestants are about to reach the finale. Two of them will be sent off with seven currently in the house, and the other five will compete for the trophy. This week, except for Shannu and Sunny, Siri, Kajal, Manas, Sriramchandra and Priyanka are in the nomination. It became interesting to see who would stop a foot away from the finale and pack up and come out of BB house.

Everyone’s noticing that a female contestant will be eliminated this week! Female contestants are also lagging somewhat in fan following despite giving a tough fight to the upper contestants and turning back in the middle, unable to play equally with them in some tasks. With this, it is expected that the female contestant will come out of the house this week. It is believed that Priyanka Singh will be eliminated.

Initially, she was to be eliminated last week, but the scene on the show was reversed. The elimination hunt fell on Anchor Ravi. Many have trolled her along with the Bigg Boss, showing that Ravisacrificed for Pinky. But this time, it looks like Pinky could not escape. According to social media, Priyanka has left the house in the 13th week. And if you want to know how true this is, you have to wait until tomorrow’s episode!


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