Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Vote: These contestants are in danger zone for elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil elimination

As the Bigg Boss show has been going on for the past 88 days, we see every Sunday that a contestant is being eliminated based on the lowest number of votes among the nominees. It is noteworthy that last week’s dismissal of two contestants, Akshara and Varun, was a turning point.

In this case, the Bigg Boss has said that all the contestants have been nominated this week.

It has been reported that Sanjeev, Aamir and Ciby are getting fewer votes, but at the same time, the percentage of votes between the three is very low.

So it looks like one or two of these three are likely to leave this week. It is also noteworthy that Raju, Priyanka and Niroop are in a safe position to get the maximum number of votes.


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