Bigg Boss 5 Tamil: This Contestant is Eliminated with Suitcase filled with 12 Lakh Rupees!

bigg boss 5 tamil suitcase winner elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil reaches a crucial phase in the show as it progresses through its 14th week. The seven contestants are fighting it out to become the title winner of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. However, the focus of this week is who will walk away with the prize money filled suitcase from the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil house before the finale week.

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Amir is the first finalist of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. Six contestants are nominated for eliminations this week. However, Niroop and Pavni are in danger of eviction. Two days ago, Actor Sarath Kumar brought a suitcase filled with INR 3 Lakhs prize money for the contestant who wishes to walk away from the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil house.

This ruffled the minds of anxious housemates like Niroop and Ciby who are in the bottom two from last week’s eviction. However, Niroop is trying to manipulate other contestants like Thamarai also to take the suitcase.

The prize money in the suitcase was consistently revised and it was increased to INR 12 Lakh rupees. One of the shocking moments of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil took place today as one of the most unexpected contestants took the suitcase and left the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil house.

According to audience buzz in social media, Ciby took the suitcase and walked away with the prize money of INR 12 Lakh rupees. However, there is also some buzz around Raju taking the suitcase which is not true.


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