Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Host Kamal Hassan Tests Positive for Covid-19, Shruthi to Host the Show?

bigg boss 5 tamil kamal hassan covid positive

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil completed seven weeks last weekend. The host Kamal Hassan hosted the weekend episodes which saw the eviction of Isai Vani. However, a shocking news is reported about the actor cum host of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil as he tested postiive for Covid 19.

The Covid-19 bubble of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil is now breached as the host Kamal Hassan tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Incidentally, multiple members of the production team tested positive in the previous season of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. However, the production team affirms this shocking news is due to Kamal Hassan’s recent international travel.

On Sunday’s episode, the host Kamal Hassan revealed his short trip to Chicago, United States. Kamal Hassan went to Chicago to promote his handloom fashion brand ‘House of Khaddar’. However, the host Kamal Hassan returned immediately to the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil sets in EVP Film City, Chennai for the weekend episodes shoot. Kamal Hassan mentioned the presence of mild cough after his return from the United States. However, the tests confirmed the suspicion of Covid-19.

This news comes as a tough one for Kamal’s fans and the audience of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. However, the question arises as to who will be the host of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil in the upcoming weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil.



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