Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination: Sanjeev evicted in the 13th week of Bigg Boss Tamil season 5

Bigg Boss 5 Elimination Sanjeev

Every week in the Big Boss house, we see a contestant being eliminated based on who received the lowest votes among the nominees.

It has been reported that both Akshara and Varun were eliminated last week, as they secured the lowest number of votes last week. It has been reported that Sanjeev was nominated based on the votes received this week as the Bigg Boss had announced that all the contestants were in the nomination this week.

It is also said that Sanjeev is more likely to come out as another elimination this week. So it is noteworthy that if Sanjeev and Niroop are eliminated this week, only six people, namely Priyanka, Raju, Tamara, Bhavani, Aamir and Ciby, will be in the match from tomorrow and four of them, including Aamir, will qualify for the final.


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