Bigg Boss 5 Tamil elimination: Akshara evicted in the 12th week of Bigg Boss Tamil season 5

BB5 Tamil Akshara Elimination

Information about the contestant who will be eliminated this week on BB5 Tamil is now going viral on social media. A contestant with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated each week on the Bigg Boss show.

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It has been reported that Priyanka, Pavani, Niroop, Akshara, Varun and Ciby were among the six nominees for this week’s nomination. It is noteworthy that after Akshara, both Varun and Niroop escaped eviction by a narrow margin. It has been revealed that Akshara has gotten the least votes among the nominated contestants.

It has been reported that Priyanka has got more votes this week, followed by Pavani and Ciby. The news that Akshara Reddy will be evicted this week has been a massive shock to the Bigg Boss fans.


  1. It beats me why people vote for Priyanka (a loud mouth fake) who manipulates her position well via the media exposure she seemed to have had. I only hope she does not win the Final Race -there are other more deserving people inside.

    • Because the supporters know that she is a kind hearted human being and is not bias.
      She has the ability to accept, correct and rectify herself

  2. Big boss already show Raju as tittle winner 2nd will be Priyanka and 3rd will Thamarai coz from village.Akshara deserve to be top 5… Finalists…if Akshara evicted this week …No Akshara No big boss …waste of time watching big boss and voted.

  3. Priyanka is very artificial, fake, loud mouthed and cunning. Stupid Voters can’t understand that she pretends to be very comical and harmless but actually is putting on artificial show to fool the mass and is successfully doing it. As an anchor she always pretends not to know even a bit of English, to gain support of lower class mass but in BB5 she frequently talks in English. What a hypocrite.

  4. Pavni equally strong. Amir good person. Though Raju has been portrayed as winner his true nature and behavior still not shown. Other contestsnts like Amir, Priyanka, Pavni etc are more enthusiastic than Raju. Physically Raju has not shown his contribution at all. Then how can Raju be the title winner. Raju is skilled no doubt.

  5. Priyanka is has been true to herself
    Without her ,it is not fun to watch big boss. We all are human we have our ups and downs
    So she is too.
    On my god I cannot stand Thamarai’s and Akshara screeching voice they both give me headaches.
    Thamarai is very clever to hide her mistakes with her loud voice and she hold grudges through pretends not to be.


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