Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination: A shocking eviction in the 14th week of Bigg Boss Tamil season 5

Bigg Boss Elimination Thamarai Selvi

It is noteworthy that there are currently six contestants as the Bigg Boss show airing on Vijay TV has reached its final stage, and one of them will walk out tomorrow based on low votes. In this situation, we have already seen the news that both Pavani and Thamarai Selvi are getting fewer votes, and one of them is more likely to leave tomorrow.

According to earlier reports, it has been reported that Thamarai Selvi will be leaving the Bigg Boss show this week based on low votes. Her departure this week is an unexpected twist as it has been said that Thamarai Selvi will be one of the finalists, and she has a chance to win the title.

It is noteworthy that the expulsion of Thamarai Selvi today had caused great grief when Ciby repeatedly asked Thamarai Selvi if she would take another 12 lakh rupees. She replied, ‘I am going to be in this house, and I have a desire to be in this house.’ However, supporters who have voted for her say she has a bright future because of the popularity of the Bigg Boss show.


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