Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Double Elimination: Akshara and Varun Evicted due to least votes!

bigg boss 5 tamil double elimination week 12 voting results

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil features a shocking double elimination this weekend as the show approaches a decisive week in the road to finale. Bigg Boss 5 Tamil completed its 12th week with a emotional outing for the housemates. However, the suspense around the shocking 12th week elimination beckons.

Six contestants are nominated for elimination this week. However, all six are crucial players in the context of the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil finalists. There are ten housemates in the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil house at the moment with just four weeks left. This prompted a potential double elimination in Bigg Boss 5 Tamil this week.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Double Elimination – Week 12

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil will feature an eventful weekend episode as the host Kamal Hassan discusses the negatives of each contestant in the confession room. On this note, the double elimination news will shock the audience as well the housemates.

Varun, Akshara and Niroop are trailing in terms of vote share in the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil voting polls for week 12. As a result, it was expected that Varun or Akshara will be eliminated this week. However, to the surprise of the audience, both Varun and Akshara are evicted from Bigg Boss 5 Tamil.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Top 8 Contestants

The double elimination this week throws limelight on the potential finalists of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. However, the focus will shift to Priyanka, Raju, Ciby, Thamarai and Pavni who are potential finalists of this season. The two wildcard entries, Sanjeev and Amir will try their best to make history as the first wildcard to enter the finals of Bigg Boss Tamil.


  1. Beg to differ.Viji Ahathian wildcard entry big boss 2 already became finalist.Went on to win Survivor.Kudos to Viji – Survivor; Cook with comali winner – Kani!!


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