Bigg Boss 5 Tamil: Actor MS Bhaskar approached to participate in Bigg Boss Tamil 5 as a contestant

MS Bhaskar Bigg Boss 5

As Big Boss Season 5 is about to begin, we see information leaking from time to time about the contestants who will be attending this season.

Kani, Pavithra, and Sunitha, who are attending the Cook With Comali show, are expected to participate in this season of Bigg Boss. Also, actors Radharavi and Mansoor Alikhan are in talks to participate in this season. Enian, who also starred in the Morattu Singles show, is expected to participate in this year’s Bigg Boss. Also, RJ Vinod of the Black Sheeps YouTube channel is participating in this year’s Bigg Boss.

It seems that the Big Boss team is currently in talks with senior character actor MS Bhaskar in this regard. Is MS Bhaskara is the senior actor to be appearing in Bigg Boss Season 5? As it is customary for a senior actor to appear in the Bigg Boss show every season. It remains to be seen.


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