Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote: 7 contestants are in Week 4 Nominations List for Fourth Elimination in Bigg Boss 4

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Week 2

Bigg Boss 4 is the most trending show at the moment. The fun and happy times are to be done with and the actual competition has begun like a wave into the show. Every contestant has to save themselves in order to survive in the show. However, A few contestants have captured the hearts of the audience. The fourth week nomination has made its way. However, We will know who will be eliminated at the end of this week. Scroll down to vote for your favorite contestant.

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Nomination Task Week 4

Interestingly, The contestants were given a task of hiring the Hitmen and they have the power to kill a contestant that is to nominate them. Akhil and Sohail have the power to kill a contestant. Each contestant who enter the hitman’s room first will get a chance to nominate the contestant  for the fourth elimination this week.

However, Akhil won the task and he killed three contestants; Swathi Dixit (The wildcard entry), Syed and Lasya. Sohail chose to kill Mehaboob. These contestants chose to nominate the following:

  • Rajashekar voted for Swathi
  • Mehaboob voted for Abhijeet
  • Ariyana voted for Lasya
  • Harika voted for Mehaboob
  • Sujatha voted for Kumar Sai

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 4 Nominated Contestants:

The contestants nominated for this week which has started from 28th September,2020 are:

  • Lasya
  • Harika
  • Abhijeeth
  • Sohel
  • Kumar Sai
  • Swathi Dixit
  • Mehaboob

Swathi Dixit is a wild card entry into the Bigg Boss house. She entered the house after Devi was eliminated in the third week vote out. The contestants who are repeated for this week nominations as well are Lasya, Harika, Mehaboob and Kumar Sai. However, Harika and Mehaboob were in the least three contestants to have less number of votes. It was a pretty close call between Harika and Devi.

The Show is famous for it’s turntables. The most amazing contestant can go down committing just one mistake and the guilty can be innocent anytime. We have to wait and watch how the events are gonna take a turn this week.

However, Gangavva has already won a million hearts. she is safe because of her captaincy of the house for the week. Devi had an advantage to save one contestant from nomination before she left the show. She made a great choice of choosing Ariyana. Therefore, Ariyana is safe from nominations as well. Vote for your favorite contestant and show your support for them in the comment section.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Fourth Elimination Week 4

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