Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Voting Results 6th Week: No Eviction this week due to Diwali Celebrations


Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Update: There will be no elimination in this week and hence voting lines are closed. This special week will be a Deepavali celebration week for fans.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Nominations List Week 6:

On the account of Deepavali, no nominations took place this week. However, there will be nominations next week for the fourth elimination of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil enters a decisive phase in the season as the contestants grapple for winning the hearts of the audience. At the end of this week, Bigg Boss 4 Telugu will complete five weeks. Two wildcard entries entered the house so far, and two contestants were evicted. Singer Velmurugan was the last contestant to leave the house.

Seven contestants were nominated for elimination in week 5 of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. This elimination will be a critical one for Somshekar as he is likely to be eliminated next week if nominated. Balaji and Sanam are nominated this week, but the duo is likely to be safe for another week.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Elimination Nominations List Week 5

  • Aari
  • Balaji
  • Sanam
  • Somshekar
  • Suresh
  • Archana
  • Anitha

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Fifth Week Elimination Vote Results from Today

The fifth-week elimination voting results for Bigg Boss 4 Tamil it heading to a spectacular sixth week. As the quest for the top 10 in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 intensifies, the audience is voting with enriched vigour to save their favourite contestants.

Captaincy will play a crucial role this week as the number of contestants in the house reduces by the week. Captaincy guarantees safety from the stringent elimination situation of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil in the upcoming weeks. Samyuktha was the captain of this week and hence, was safe from elimination nominations for week 5.

As expected, Aari Aajeedh swept the voting results for the fifth elimination right from the first day. With a whopping 26% vote share, Aari’s fans are alive and kicking. Balaji’s performances in elimination voting results have been phenomenal throughout the season, next only to Sanam.

Suresh and Archana bag the bottom two positions. Suresh’s downfall in popularity after the spat with the housemates is significant. Aajeedh was in contention for elimination last week, but he was safe this week.

Archana is at the bottom of the voting results for week 5. Hence, Archana’s journey is likely to end this week in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Vote Results Live Score Day 4, 6th November 2020


Which Contestants Are Safe This Week in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Elimination?

Aari, Balaji and Sanam are safe from elimination this week.

Which Contestants Are in Danger This Week in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Elimination?

Archana, Somshekar and Suresh are in danger of elimination this week. Suresh Chakravarthy was eliminated during weekend


  1. I am watching big boss season 4 , very interesting. In my point of view Aari ,Suresh,Ramaya,Nisha and Rio there playing nicely….but balaji is very wrost constant.. Send him out as well as sanam ,shivani and samukatha for wat they came to big boss really i don’t understand.. Useless please send Balji out he is not fit for bigg boss

  2. Balaji bro Is excellent…I know that ….he is very honest and he is very intelligent game player …so I hope that Balaji need to win the tittle

  3. Balaji your best player with honesty & straight forward ,play well , people dont like straight forward person , keep strong do well.
    Archana , Rio& Nisha nice vijay TV team & good & very much favour to each other , they are supporting character for each other .

    Bala be strong in game startergy,cunning, intelligent all are important in game. Your are a honest person.All the best Balaji stay blessed


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