Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote: Who will win bigg boss 4 Tamil title? Vote here!!

bigg boss tamil season 4 vote

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Contestants list

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil, The spotlight for the next three months , has started it’s voting poll. Get ready lads to vote for your favorite contestants in order to make them win the title. Show your opinions and judgement on the contestants here!!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Contestants List:

  • Sanam Shetty
  • Kiran Rathod
  • Karun Raman
  • Shalu Sammu
  • Rio Raj
  • Amudhavanan
  • Amirtha Aiyer
  • Shivani Narayanan
  • Pugazh
  • RJ Vinoth
  • Balaji Murugadoss

How to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Online?

Google Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online

Bigg boss 3 tamil vote results 2nd october

Step 1: Search “Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote” in google.

Step 2: Google displays the Nominated Contestants for the week and you can click on them to cast your vote.

Step 3: Once you selected the person you want to save, click on “Register Vote”.

Bigg Boss Tamil Disney+ Hotstar Vote

Star Vijay’s tie up with Disney+ Hotstar made it easier for us, The audience to vote for our favorite contestants through the hotstar app.  Follow the procedure given below to cast your vote:

bigg boss 3 tamil vote online week 11

Step 1: Download Hot Star app from Google Play Store if you don’t have it already.

Step 2: Sign in to your account.

Step 3: Create a new account if you don’t have an existing one by simple clicking on Sign Up.

Step 4: Enter your personal details and click on Sign up.

Step 5: Search “Bigg Boss 4 Tamil” or simply click on the “Bigg Boss 4 Tamil” if shown already.

Step 6: The nominated contestants will be displayed through which you can cast maximum 50 votes per day to your favorites. You will have time till Saturday to show your support.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Vote Missed Call

You can show your support by giving a missed call as well. Nevertheless, Each contestant will be allotted a specific phone number. Follow the procedure to cast your vote to the contestants in order to make them stay:

Step 1: Open the dialing app on your mobile phone

Step 2: Enter the specified number allotted for your favorite contestant carefully.

Step 3: Give a call to that number.

Step 4: The automated voice will give you the confirmation for your vote in Bigg Boss  Tamil season 4.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Starting Date

Our ever young star “UlagaNayagan” Kamal Hassan will be hosting Bigg Boss 4 yet again. The Show is most likely to be launched on October 4,2020. The premiere date is yet to be finalised. The audience are at the edge of their seats to witness the well known entertaining show. However, The teaser has captured an enormous audience. Kamal Hassan’s flamboyant performance in the second promo with Ghibran’s music released a week back and created a great anticipation among the audience.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Prize Money

The ultimate aim of all the contestants entering the Bigg Boss house is to Win the show. The contestants will have to stay in house for 100 days. As a result,The person acquiring the most number of votes will be the winner. According to the reports, The Title winner of the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil will be rewarded 50 Lakh Rupees as a cash prize.


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