Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo 30th December: Rio’s wife Shruti enters Bigg Boss house during freeze task

Bigg Boss Tamil Promo 2 30th December

The family members of the contestants have been coming to the Bigg Boss house since yesterday, and we saw the scenes where Ramya’s mother and brother came in today’s first promo as Shivani’s mother and Balaji’s brother came yesterday.

Rio’s wife Sruthi is currently coming into the Bigg Boss house, as shown in the second promo of today’s episode. It is noteworthy that the weeping scenes of Rio hugging his wife, who comes with the background song ‘Kadhaley Kadhaley,’ are the culmination of sentiment.

Following this, Shruthi interacts with the housemates in a jovial way. Overall, the entry of Shruti brings happiness to the Bigg Boss house as she tries to pull a prank on Rio. However, it is noteworthy that Rio’s baby has not come into Bigg Boss’ house, much to the disappointment of everyone, including Rio. This may be because whoever comes to Bigg Boss house has to be in mandatory quarantine for 14 days.


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