Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo 2nd January 2021: Fight between Aari and Balaji over Shivani issue

Bigg Boss Tamil promo 2nd january

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 has been going on for 89 days on Vijay TV. Rekha, Velmurugan, Suresh, Suchitra, Samyukta, Sanam, Nisha, Jithan Ramesh, Archana, and Anitha have been evicted from the house. In this case, the new promo of the Big Boss on 2nd January 2021 has been released. Bala gets angry at Aari for talking about Shivani’s topic and throws a pillow near him in anger.

On the other hand, Aari remained calm as usual and questioned Balaji why he did not clarify the issue with Shivani’s mother when she came into the Bigg Boss house during the ‘freeze task.’ Balaji said that he would have done it if Shivani’s mom would have spoken to him. Also, Balaji questioned in anger why Aari said ‘Kaadal Kan kattudhey’ while nominating him.

As they were about to clash, Ramya interrupted and separated them. We will have to wait for tonight’s episode to know how Kamal Haasan will tackle this issue.

Here is the promo video:


  1. Kamal sir,Whats happening.Housemates are suppose to behave and show good example to discuss issues.Why Balaji behave like a hooligan.Does he think hes street fighter.Calling Aari if its outside BB house ,it would be different. Balaji does not hve good behaviour record,still BB brought him in.Now the hooligan has shown his colors. Now other housemates
    use this oppurtunity to nominate Aari for eviction.No one is honest in their nomination.Rio ,Som,Gaby in one group.
    Ramya ,Ajeedh in one group and Balaji so call partner will all nominate Aari as he s a lone ranger
    Shavani will never change as her mother said all fake crying.kadaval iruka Aari.
    Wait n see what s the follow up

    • I m not worried about Aari next nomination eviction. People will save him as usual. I m more worried about Aari safety in bigg boss hse after Bala became aggressive and threatening Aari. Evict Bala psycho.

  2. Kamal sir whats is going on…u should give RED CARD FOR BALA…If u really honnest pesron mean u should gibe him red card..

  3. Balaji must be given red card. He is threatening poor Aari. Kamal sir pls pls evict bala . Bigg boss pls evict bala . Aari life is in danger. Think about Aari family how they feel .

  4. Balaji is such a good person some body should be with tell him in a calm.way and support him aari also like balaji but both of them are a good person all should support them all should talk to balaji and aari seperately and tell that both be friends balaji is such a super power person who will reach final because of fighting he will down some one like aari ramyas all should help him and support him.

  5. Actually Bigg Boss has to show good example and behavior to its viewers through its contestants. This is Vijay TV’s social responsibility. Moreover its viewers are from various ages. Please eliminate or give red card to hooligans like Bala. He is not fit at all to be a participant in this popular show. Bala is thinking that he is hell of great but viewers clearly know that how Bala tarnished others. Rio is another guy who always finds fault in Ari. Bigg Boss needs to show RED CARD to Bala…..he is not fit to be in the show.


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