Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo 25th December: Aari wins captaincy for next week, safe from eviction

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil promo 2 25th December

Aari was nominated week as he faces a lot of opposition inside the Bigg Boss house. Aari and Som were selected as the best performers in this week’s Ball Catch task.

Rio also qualified directly for the captain selection task as he scored highest points among the contestants in the Ball and Catch task.

In this context, the task of selecting the next week’s captain of the Bigg Boss House took place today. Rio, Som and Aari took part in the task. Put the spoon in the mouth and put the thermocol balls in it and hold it in the mouth and pour it into the bowl on the head of the snowman.

The three start to do great speed since the first one to complete is the winner. There were various problems including the thermocol flying in the air and having to walk exactly on the line.

Ari is finally declared the winner after completing this task first. So he becomes the captain next week. So it is noteworthy that no one can nominate him for next week’s eviction.

Archana won the captaincy task last week, but since she has been eliminated, it is noteworthy that she made Balaji as the captain of the house.


  1. Hello vesha bottle Ramya,every week u seem to nominate Aari for eviction.why not nominate Som for eviction. U got no guts cos he s ur boyfriend.alot of pics ar on circle how close both u are.Obly infront both put a show but behind u start ur manmatha neelai.
    Som infront hugs Gaby so tight behind its u.if ur bold enough do it infront Vesha bottle Ramya.
    BB 4 take note every one nominate Aari,is it wrong for Aari to play honestly.while others play cunningly n partly helping each other.plse break up the team of Balaji n Shivani and Rio ,Som and Gaby.
    While small boy Ajeedh follow the wind joining Ramya or Shivani.
    Tambi Ajeedh romba vaayee daa urnake.
    Only young girls like to gossip,seems like u need to wear skirt and gossip around.
    U seem to hint alot abt Aari with the ladies.
    Hiiiooo yana puthi daa urna ke.u could talk to Aari asking how to play in positive manner and be a strong contestant.U join the narrow minded group who play to evict one another and now u cant even catch a ball properly and soon to be evicted.U deserve to be evicted and back home learn ur mistakes and should know who ar ur friends and the cunning fox.
    Finally i hope Kamal sir will check and reconfirm the actual position of contestants according to deserving numbers. I feel some are wrongly judged due to groupism n hatred used fix the first 3 position namely Rio ,Ramya ,Som.
    Infact Som should be punished for his carelessness,but due to groupism he manage to be 3rd.Plse once again Kamal sir ,use ur wisdom to kick out block heads.


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