Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Eviction: Archana is eliminated from Bigg Boss house in today’s episode

Bigg Boss Tamil eviction Archana

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 Week 11 is coming to an end with today’s episode, and the eviction for this week will be made today by Kamal Haasan, depending on the voting results. The contestants with the least votes will get evicted in tonight’s episode. Earlier, there were reports of Aajeedh evicted from Bigg Boss house, but the shoot for this week is over, and it has been revealed that Archana will be eliminated from Bigg Boss house in tonight’s episode.

With Nisha and Jithan Ramesh evicted last week, it was a huge blow to the Archana group, and now, with Archana’s elimination, things will take a toll on Rio, Som, and Gabriella. So far, the show has 8 eliminations – Rekha, Velmurugan, Suresh Chakravarthi, Suchithra, Samyuktha, Sanam Shetty, and double evictions – Jithan Ramesh and Nisha.

Seven contestants were nominated for eviction this week, and they are Aajeedh, Aari, Anitha, Archana, Rio, Shivani, and Som. Out of these seven contestants Archana, Aajeedh, and Som secured the least votes. Aajeedh’s fewer votes were mainly due to his conflict with Aari as he faced Aari’s fans’ wrath. Archana is finally evicted from the house, and multiple sources have confirmed this.

With Archana leaving the Bigg Boss house, it will be interesting to see how things unfold from now as we approach the finale of this season.


  1. This season of Bigg Boss Tamil, is very boring by two useless contestants like Shivani and Aajit. Both are nonsense and useless, unfit contestants, now by eleiminating Archana, it becomes worst big boss season.

  2. Season 4 is useless. Worst performance and boring ajith, shivani. Anitha is puppet useless arguments. First these people must eliminate. Bigg boss also playing politics. Kamal also now politicians

  3. Today Archana elimination unfair, this s true big boss, you r nt big boss worst boss, bull shut worst boss. Get out from my house, and good bye worst boss

  4. Unlike season 3 the BB 4 season is not having matured contestants barring a couple of them like Aari,Suresh,Rio, Archana. All the others are total misfit and immatured to the good show Big Boss. The contestants make unethical and immatured arguments and counter arguments without really knowing the game they are playing. Public voting alone should not be critera for saving or eliminating the contestants I feel. ( Host Kamal’s view is also silent in this regard.).
    Examples to quote the way Shivani,Anita, Ajit,Gabriel and even Ramya pandyan are being saved unethically and unscrupulously. Public now a days are also seems not applying their mind in voting fair and just. Shivani make a ramp walk show with improper dress code, doing nothing. Anita too says she is learning to clean bathroom. No body needs a foreign degree to clean a bathroom. Excuse given by her is disgusting. She herself pose a Ms clean and rule abiding but often ends in violating on many occasions like violation of sleeping in the set frequently and point out the breach by other contestants and defending her argument. When she express her emotion for doing cooking single handedly on one occasion when others are on task is a figment of imagination untrue to the situation. She was helped by a few voluntarily. Yet she complains. She should consider Nisha & Archana pair did cooking for many contestants for nany weeks together without any complaint or complexcity. Archana’s explanation about lack of planning by Anita is a befitting one. ( No comment by Kamal in recognition of this remark ). Shivani express uncomfortable in vessal cleaning. Tasks are team oriented and should have done in the best interest of the game. Tasks are not according to the whims and fancies but to be played with good spirit. When Archana was asked to smear her face with egg, it’s an offensive deed indeed as it’s also an unreligious, which every one knows. But she showed good spirit of the game But the deed and situation created by both Nisha and Archana thereafter are condemnable. ( Comments by Kamal inadequate.) Both Shivani and Anita are unwanted and unfit contestants, who knows nothing but making arguments and counter arguments avoiding many tasks to their comfort especialy Anita. An occasion went unfavourable decision to one does not make eligible her to defend everytime when nominated. ( No comment by Kamal again }. Ramya Pandyan the most cunning contestant playing safe shows a strategy of getting more votes indiscriminately, but against the spirit of the game. Except when nominated for cooking she does not seems helping others in cooking,excusing she is not good at it. One should remember that Ramya Pandyan was one of the finalist in Vijay TV’s own Cullinary show Cook with Komali. ( No comments by Kamal). Balaji is another immatured contestant his sense/brain had not developed to the level of his Physique it seems. Now every one’s attempt is to fool the public to poll more votes to avoid elimination at this final phase. Archana being a thorough professional failed to understand the game as well, which caused her exit a bit earlier from the show. But Anita and Shivani continuing still safely a situation quite uncalled for and promoters interest in them is very much visible. It seems they are protecting the Vijay TV’s own favourites.
    Anita,Shivani,Ajit,Gabriel, and Ramya Pandyan are undeserving contestants that way. But they are being safely protected. The spirit of the show is totally spoiled in Season BB4, QUITE UNFORTUNATE. ( Kamal also seems in a hurry to return back to his election campaign for the party he has floted.). A couple of reasonable contestants are eliminated at the cost of some filthy and un spirited contestants remaimining now, who are not going to make the show a good one. An unfortunate end for the season 4. Atleast the promoters may chose more professional like spirited contestants next time.
    BB 4. A BIG FLOP.

  5. Anitha ❤ Anitha ❤ Anitha ❤ Anitha ❤ Anitha ❤ Anitha ❤ Anitha ❤ Vote for Anitha 💐🥰, Because Sanam Already out of BB4, Everyone Who are all Watching BB4 Please See From Starting only Anitha nd Aari nd Sanam Face Nd Come Eviction List Many Times When Compare to Shivani nd other few Housemates, So I wish Aari and Anitha Want to Come Final for their Efforts 💐👍, But I think Channel already decided Ramya or Shivani or Bala or Rio or Somu Will Come Final, Seriously Its time waste show to watch nd for vote, So People’s Every1 Write Comments Very genuine Housemates💐👍, Still I Not Understand What the ________ 🤔🤔🤬🤬😡Shivani in BIGBOSS4 in 75days She Already informed she is not deserve in BB4 Then Y This Bala is Still Support Shivani nd Ajeedh 😆🤣😅, Maybe 🤔🤔 Shivani and Ajeedh doing Task to Bala vo 😅🤣😆, Ramya in House Very Very Dangerous 🤬😈😈😈😈


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