Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Eviction: Aari might get eliminated this week, fans are shocked as Aari’s missed call number not working

Bigg Boss Tamil Eviction Aari

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 has crossed 10 weeks, and things have heated up among contestants. Now they are keen on impressing the audience to gain votes and stay inside the house to win the Bigg Boss title. Aari is one such contestant who has impressed the audience and has won over them with his honest opinions and transparent attitude. Aari usually gets maximum votes whenever he gets nominated for eviction; this is mainly due to his fans supporting him by voting for him.

But in this week’s nomination, Aari missed call voting number is not working, and fans are shocked that this would have affected his vote count. But things are a little different this week as Aari’s ‘miss call voting line’ has been showing error since 15th December up to now (18th December). Meanwhile, other contestant’s ‘miss call voting’ lines worked properly.

Though fans can vote through the Hotstar app for Aari (50 times), his missed call votes (50 votes every day) seems to be missing as the phone number is not working until today. Missed call numbers for all other contestants are working without any issue, and hence Aari’s fans are enraged by this problem.

Many reported the same problem during Sanam’s elimination week. Most were unable to cast votes via missed call, and she was eliminated for the lowest votes. Vijay TV has not made any comments regarding this problem.

Hence it’s believed that Aari might get evicted this week even though the unofficial voting polls show that he has received a maximum number of votes while Archana is struggling at the bottom. Archana having won captaincy, there are chances that she might get saved and Aari might get evicted from the house.

Here are some tweets from Aari fans about this issue:


  1. Hi Kamal, Just to ask you, why Aari’s number has been blocked from last 3 days, is it a preplanned game against Aari, which is not at all acceptable by the audience. I would strongly suggest to eliminate Archana as she is not deserved to be there anymore in big boss’s house. why you cannot see or understand. We are supporters of Aari, we want him to get the title. He should be the title winner.


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