Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Eviction: Aajeedh evicted from Bigg Boss house due to low votes?

aajeedh eviction bigg boss tamil 4 week 13

With one contestant being evicted from the Bigg Boss house every Sunday, the question of who will leave the Bigg Boss house on Sunday this week has arisen among all viewers.

With five contestants including Somshekar, Ramya, Shivani, Aajeedh, and Gabriella on the eviction list this week, it has been reported that Aajeedh will be evicted from the Bigg Boss house this week based on low votes.

He was so dull and gloomy from the first day of this season and Aari advised him which was seen in a negative light and he stayed under the shadow of Balaji, so he has received very few votes this week.

It is also noteworthy that this week Ajeedh’s family hinted at his eviction and wished his fellow contestants as Ramya advised him in the beginning though she called him ‘brother’. However, Aajeedh failed to make an impact and his eviction was two weeks late. Archana and Anitha were evicted by a whisker in the last two weeks which saved Aajeedh

However, the fact that Aajeedh was lackluster at home and played a very bland game, aligning with Balaji’s group, was a character who failed to say what came to mind, especially when he fought that it was unfair to nominate him. His episodes of anger and frustration failed to see the light of the day in the Bigg Boss house.

Let’s see, depending on what the Bigg Boss house will look like after Aajeedh’s eviction.



  1. Fans want Balaji to be shown red card eh. Which fans ? All are set up followers of Aari. Aari’s behaviour inside BB house is disgusting from any angle be it when he picks one who is alone to backbite about others with non stop lecture in chaste tamil, always keeping his face stiff and treating life inside BB house like it is permanent taking it so seriously. His dance is very irritating that lacks grace. Any other contestant with a similar nature would have been ousted in first week itself but he keeps extending his stay only because of some external force supporting him through some set up using money and manpower for some reason other than merit.

    • I totally agree with you.
      Paying people to guve bad comments on all other team members is the most cheapest way to play this game.

    • I agree with this. People seem to believe that he is perfect. He might be a good man but I don’t like him for his hypocrisy.

      Acts of hypocrisy done by Aari:
      – claiming that he sacrificed so that Rio could win the captaincy
      – not clearing his bed early
      – not clearing his clothes despite faulting others for not cleaning up
      – not watering his plant despite winning the Guinness book of world records for planting

      Mainly, I don’t like that he puts down the other contestants.

      Btw, I’m not anyone’s fan!

    • Really stupid explanation… Hope you are dum on the basis of your comments… And I bet that you did not watched the entire show completely… A person with Aari’s caliber and calmness don’t want to provision the man power to increase his voting base…

      • Dear friend

        You’re absolutely wrong about Ari Arjunan. He’s unfit to be in the BB4 house anymore despite his achievements in the outside world. He’s attitude is completely disgusting. A true contestant should always have the best sportsmanship, superb attitude to help others and not killing the spirit of others. He’s a real opportunist who waits for the right time to stab others back or instigate other lunatics like S & A to have it done on his behalf. Truly shame of him and BB4.

        Dear Kamal Sir
        You’re a genius but stop falling in Ari’s trap or are you trying to win the farmers hearts for supporting Ari just to garner political votes for your personal use

        Please wake up and set things
        Eliminate Ari from BB4
        Ari should walk out if he’s True Gentleman

    • That was wrong disgusting comment from unmatured tv viewer. I think Kaja is supporter of dumb assholes who is unfit for any games. This is how big boss works. One who controls and plays all wins title. Comparing rest aari is the best winner. Bala is work sucker in life when comes outside world. Kaja is expecting some item dance :-p

    • Nothing like that. Bala is a waste fellow. He doesn’t know how to react infront of a social media. Aari is so smart and he only deserves for the title. All of them spread gossip about Aari in that bb house but Aari only have a gutz to face all of them. And Bala always cheat shivani even shivani doesn’t have any feelings about his cheat..

    • You are absolutely right. No fun or entertainment from Aari but only blame game and pin pointing everyone as if he is the only true and disciplined person inside. Lack lustre performance

  2. As a viewer I hate to see him on the BB because of his non stop advise to other contestants. I loose interest to see or hear and understand when he speaks nonstop. BB4 is appearing more scripted to me. It looks they have already decided the title winner to be aari and all other players are mocked Saturday and Sunday if they have behaved against aari.

    Not a fan of anyone but it appears balaji is showed down or cornered every Saturday and Sunday. This week even Ramya was given a warning.

    Not a good show

    • Totally agree. End of the day, it is a commercial show. One should see this as a scripted drama. I agree that for a few this may be irritating and even questioning the authenticity and trust. Unfortunately a great legend, Kamal, has to do some dirty acts. I am afraid that he is gambling his credibility. As a big fan of ulaga nayagan even i feel irritated with his bias statements but i soon realized that he is part of the scripted program. Its a wake up call !!!

    • Totally agree with every word. I hate Aari….Ramya is one player who is smart, intelligent, beautiful and played well in every area and role / work in the bb house.

  3. Really stupid explanation… Hope you are dum on the basis of your comments… And I bet that you did not watched the entire show completely… A person with Aari’s caliber and calmness don’t want to provision the man power to increase his voting base…

  4. Ari is the most cunning person, i even doubt if the little girl was his own. if you have not seen your 4 year old for more than 90 days and when she comes to see you you will not be in “Freeze”. what’s even pathatic is that he mentioned that to his housemates to get mileage from the so called Aari bakthas!!

  5. Just sharing my view: if we had 2-3 individuals similar to Ari in BB, how many of you would have even watched this show…. Leave the show, if you have one in family…. Would you adjust like this…. I can’t imagine a BB with people like Ari behavior only…. He would have only done social work inside the show…. Come on for speaking rules and finding flaws why should we have one person inside the show…. BB is an entertainment show…damn it.. Not for Ambi types

  6. If Ari’s caliber and maturity is something his fans are looking at…would you tell me why he has to get into heated argument always with people in a family…. He should know how to maturely sort out debates than heating it up… What is this person trying to say… All the participants are having negativity and he alone is good… Ari fans we have 16 contestants…is it only Ari, I think we all can find the fighting and team spirit in other contestants… Have you ever seen Ari commenting a joke or a general talk with any one… It will always be for backbiting or complaining or giving his opinion…. Stop being nosey Ari… So may good things you have done outside…. Are you saying you are a different person altogether Sir…. Raising a question in your own fans mind… I feel disappointed, please be more open and have the team spirit… You are our hero….

  7. is Bala spirit is to im(press) & improve Shivani ? is he travel with her after BB ? he came to (sup)port her or show his individuality?
    entire BB contestant are against aari just think of him how much pressure they will put inside? still he raise his voice that’s the spirit of individuality .


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