Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Elimination: Will Balaji get evicted next week for fighting with Aari?

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Aari vs Balaji

With 89 days completed in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil, there is still only a week to go until the finale week. Contestants are expected to play hard at this stage.

In this position, Aari nominates Bala as the worst performer during the week’s Friday best and worst performance selection task. While Aari tries to tell him one thing that happened when Balaji was the captain, Balaji argued to speak about this week only and why is the need to pull now what happened when he was the captain last week? To which Aari responded angrily, ‘You don’t need to tell me what to say.’

Then Balaji got angry on seeing Aari’s action and said, ‘Come and tell me if you want,’ ‘You are talking like an angry man, I have tolerated it so far, I can not tolerate it anymore’. Then Balaji started to walk angrily towards Aari. The conflict between the two was intensified during this argument.

In this case, Balaji is expected to be targeted by Aari’s if he gets stuck in the nomination next week as whoever clashes with Aari gets evicted one after the another. But at the same time, it is noteworthy that some negative comments are being reported against Aari today about how he behaved.

Will Balaji get evicted for fighting with Aari? What are your thoughts?


  1. Balaji has to be evicted ceremoniously for his rude behaviour not only with Aari bro but also throwing the Mike do so rudely which should never be a precedent for the future contestants and they should never believe that they can also throw the Mike to express their anger against anybody including the HONOURABLE BIG BOSS.
    Next Ramya is not a candidate for eviction particularly because she was so much comforting Shivani after her mother abused so badly and that moment and following is very discomfortable for Shivani and only Ramya pondian was comforting her in also she is the only cabable person in cooking.
    There are other less entertaining and poorly involved shadow players are there to be evicted to break the chain of lousy playing making and taking the game to a slow and sleep mode!

    • Are you really a dr. the reason is Aari tiggers Bala and Rio every game. He think he is always right do you think Aari need some medical attention

    • Dr first aari should be evicted he is playing very cunning , he thinks hes very perfect , out side is good person, inside bigboss house he has come so far only make others one point as negative &U trying to prove himself as very good , he need to play correct game , shivani name was on media only becoz of first tag by aari, if he is good person , he was not make tag about a girl , shame on him , keeping that an coming forward

    • Joke is if any one fight with Aari bro they will be eliminated , so aari always gets only with his fans but his game is dirty, something aari bro fans posted in insta for anitha after returning from bigboss , stating becoz she fought with aari they evicted , mostly aari bro would have kept outside gangs for this, Anitha she is super replied nicly, in this only we can know what he is, he dont know to play himself only finding only how make other tension before saturday so that saturday he can be showed as good person

    • First aari to be evicted , he is not playing a correct game, just always pinpointing one negative & trying to make himself very perfect , cunning fox, who damaged shivani image, aari is playing very dirty game compared to others

      • Looks like ur mind thinks negative.
        Whos playing dirty ,Aari or Balaji.
        U think Shivani mum is blind to tick off her daughter.Maybe u like to carry balaji baggage.
        I didnt say Aari is perfect but he listen n think before he comment.good or bad is for the housemates to accept.Compare to other housemates Aari is playing straight.not like
        1 Balaji riding on the back of the ladies n Ajeedh

        2.Ramya the versha bottle was told to be honest n talk direct instead of behind the back
        3.Rio was told not be fake but honest by his wife
        4.Shivani was told to play her game herself.
        5 Aari wife said like u as u ar
        So think amd talk not talk n think

        • Plse dont call anyone cunning fox
          Except Balaji.Aari has admitted his mistake.Did Balaji do that.always argue and fight.
          So think twicen comment

        • I think you need to rewatch the episodes. When others admit their mistake, Aari often admits his mistake in front of Kamal Hassan and, if Aari does apologize outside the weekend episodes, he does not seem to actually feel apologetic (i.e. he apologizes and then, quite often, continues to be sarcastic behind their back).

          Yes, Balaji does admit his mistakes (and yes, he does argue). Again, I think you could rewatch the episodes and see this, as well as Aari provoking and restarting fights.

          Furthermore, if someone apologizes to Aari, especially if it is Balaji who is apologizing, then Aari pretends to accept the apology, then laughs in the bedroom/outside, and later talks behind their back and makes sarcastic comments about them.

          Aari claims that only others have baggage. However, he is the one who is constantly bringing up issues. Even after everyone involved in an argument has cooled/calmed down, Aari brings up the issue again, irritates and provokes them again to create a fight/argument. Also, Aari often brings up issues regarding past contestants (those who have already left the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 house). Aari has also recently said that he ‘remembers everthing/every word’, while glaring at Balaji….I don’t think this is something that would be said by someone (i.e. Aari) who claims not to have any baggage.

          Furthermore, you say that ‘Aari listens and then thinks’. If that is true, why is it that he never listens to the other contestants when they point out his wrongdoings, but he only expects others to listen to him when he points out their wrongdoings? Pointing out wrong behavior should be two-way street not a one-way street.

          When both Aari and others make mistakes, Aari tells others to accept their mistake, and when they do, why doesn’t Aari also accept his mistakes that he did at that time?

          You say he is ‘playing straight’. I think you have forgotten the episodes where Aari talks to Anitha and Sanam about how to create issues and how to create problems by talking about Shivani-Balaji in order to attempt make a false impression on their sibiling-like relation and tried to make it improper.

          Aari is the one who does not care about a woman’s image and has tried to destroy Shivani’s image and reputation.

          In the past few weeks, Aari is often the main reason to create the issues and provoke others, especially seen after Anitha leaves the Bigg Boss house.

          True, Balaji gets angry and is loud, but Aari is ‘calmly’ taunting and provoking others and twisting what the other contestants say. Just because Aari does not say his taunts/provokes in a loud voice, is it ok for Aari to abuse and provoke others? Are only the people who shout loudly that are in the wrong?

          Aari has learned from Anitha how to twist other peoples’s words so that the contestants say one thing but then Aari twists the meaning completely and then he acts innocent and then projects a positive image in front of the weekend audience. This can be seen most recently in the past week’s episodes.

          So yes, Aari is a cunning fox.

          Also, Aari has learned from Sanam to walk behind others as they are having a conversation in order to eavesdrop in the conversation (i.e often, you can see Aari walking back and forth in the area behind people having a private conversation).

          Aari said to Balaji last week “practice what you preach”. Why does Aari not also follow this? Aari said that one should not interrupt others when they are talking, yet Aari often interrupts the other person who is speaking against him. Recently when they were in jail, Aari told Balaji that he should ‘listen to Aari’s advice when Balaji has done wrong in order to learn from his errors’. However, Aari does not want to listen when other people (for instance, Rio in the past week’s episodes) try to point out Aari’s errors in order for Aari to learn/correct his errors.

          Also, when the other contestants question Aari for his behavior, he does not answer the questions; he only replies/gives his answers in front of Kamal Hassan and he often gives his “good impression” answer rather than the real truth.

          Furthermore I am quite dissapointed in Kamal Hassan. Yes, Balaji did some wrong things (including raising his voice very loud and throwing the microphone/pillow onto the bed/sofa) and he was scolded for those issues. However, Kamal Hassan fails to point out Aari’s improper behavior, his wrongdoings, and his creating problems or purposely provoking others. Rather he applauds Aari for his behavior. Kamal Hassan does not point out when Aari lies or when he does wrong; rather, in this specific season of Bigg Boss Tamil, I feel that Kamal Hassan has been putting down others’ wrong behavior (sometimes very strongly, especially towards Balaji) but he says nothing about Aari’s wrongdoings.

          When Aari makes threats against Balaji, Kamal Hassan ignores it completely; but if Balaji supposedly makes threats towards Aari, then Kamal Hassan makes an issue about it.

          Also, it appears that Aari may made threats to the other contestants, for example Rio this week, about anyone who says something negative about Aari that ‘the people outside will react against them’.

          In this past weekend episodes, Kamal Hassan has indirectly claimed Balaji lied (about Balaji not remembering saying certain sentences), but he does not point out the many lies that Aari has said just in the past week.

          Another example, in this past weekend’s episode (Sunday, January 3, 2021 episode), Aari claims to never have thrown/wasted food, but in fact, at least one time that I recall he threw out food in the garbage in some previous week.

          Compared to Ramya supposedly being biased towards Balaji (as Aari claims and then Kamal Hassan repeated), it seems as if Kamal Hassan is the one who is very biased towards Aari and is supporting him. I feel that, in this season of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, the Bigg Boss show and/or Kamal Hassan may be attempting to create a false, overly positive image of Aari in order to falsely put him in the top/winner position of Bigg Boss or in order to include Aari in some political game/election purposes.

  2. When a player is doing good..many negative comments comes far as ramya is concerned she never spoke to aari directly..she influenced ajeedh and brain bala ..if u r a good player to others stsrudgt .u want somebody to come and tell this..u don’t have this basic qualities..mugen is a good hearted person and the sane rihvika .both gave good performance…Gabi som rio aheedh and shivani ..performance was not there ..some times her and there..Gabi ajeedh and som and rio never played individually. They need a group..everybody has come bas qualities ..aari has little anger ..but it happens when provoked..bala ..good player but waste ..cunning fellow …so over all u can tolerate vsrtain person ill things ..but not bala and ramya..they should be evicted

    • only person playing start forwardly is bala , aari always makeing show to make himself good on screen by digging others character or person, he should play his game not coming forward by other one point , aari should be evicted & ajeedh should be saved , aari playing dirty game & same time showing himself only he is perfect (bhagwan) Personally out side is good , vote according to bigboss game

  3. Prema think who’s tiggers Balaj and Rio? The person Aari he is very lazy person first he should clean and made the bed before you wash your face

  4. “whoever clashes with Aari gets evicted one after the another” how absurd. Who even knew the title winner of a worldwide telecasted game show could actually be dependant on one contestant’s fan base. Like you guys say, whoever messes with aari gets evicted, yea? does that mean other contestants don’t have the freedom to speak up when they have to, because it’ll eventually put them in danger? y’all keep talking about how aari is very deserving. My foot. He masters at provoking balas weakness, aka his temper, just to let his fans know that he wants Bala to be evicted. WE CERTAINLY DONT WANT A COWARDLY FIGURE LIKE AARI TO BE AWARDED TITLE WINNER.

  5. Bigg boss is having rules but Bala is always breaking the rules and behaving indesintly.
    But aari follows the rules and play the game honestly and desintly

  6. Honestly am reading comments posted by all of you guys, and for me the way I see this is that for the better interest of the society at large, for the better interest of preserving our cultural values, ethos our way of life, vijay tv should be told to stop airing BIgBoss, the fight for just 50 lakhs is not only ruining the beautiful culture we come from but is landing up and promoting all that we are not in our society, children will get affected by all this nonsense that gets aired everytime. None of these players truly represent what our culture stands for or what values we hold dear to us..

  7. Aari is over 35 years matured person. He knows how to trigger young generation people. He trigger the fight by pointing unnecessary topics. Aari knows how to play game and target , I don’t want him to win as he is v cunning.


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