Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Contestants – Here are the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 4 Tamil 2020

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Contestants list

Bigg Boss season 4 Tamil is around the corner as usually the season starts in the month of July. The 2020 Bigg Boss 4 Tamil is expected to air from either July or August 2020 and with this Coronavirus lockdown the show may get delayed than the usual month of July as most of the Tv shows are on hiatus due to Coronavirus lockdown. We have collected from various sources that Vijay Tv has already approached the following contestants for the Bigg Boss season 4 and it’s not sure how many will make to the final list from this list. We will keep this list updated with news on contestants and we will provide our readers with updates on each of these contestants.

  • Robo Shankar wife Priyanka – She will be the lady comedy factor for this season
  • Actor Manobala – He will be male comedy person for this season
  • Actress Chandini – She is approached for season 4 of Bigg Boss Tamil but the actress has denied it as rumour. We have to wait and watch for the updates.
  • Actress Sunaina – She will probably feature in this season as one of the leading actress
  • Actress Atulya – Atulya has a huge fanbase online and hence she is approached for Bigg Boss season 4 Tamil
  • Actress Amrita Aiyer – She is now famous due to her role in Bigil movie and she is approached for this season of Bigg Boss
  • Actress Kiran – Actress Kiran fits the role of yesterday sensation and she is approached for this season
  • Actress Poonam Bajwa – She fits the role of glamour and yesterday sensation
  • Actor Irrfan – Vijay Tv actor and he may be rebooted a cinema career through Bigg Boss 4 Tamil
  • Actress Vidyulleka Raman – She will be the comedy element of this sseason
  • Pugazh Cook with Komali – Pugazh became famous due to his comical actions in this season of Cook with Komali and may feature in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil
  • Actor Sharan Shakti and Tiktok fame Akshay Kamal – Both are internet sensation and may feature in this season of Bigg Boss
  • Bharati Kanamma Akhil – A Vijay tv actor who may feature in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil
  • Actress Sanjana Singh
  • Actor Eshwar
  • Actress Jayashree
  • Actor Vemal
  • Actor Radha Ravi
  • Actress Ramya Pandiyan


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