Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 25th December: Anitha and Shivani Receive Lesser Votes in Week 12 Elimination Voting Results After Nominations?

bigg boss tamil 4 week 12 voting results day 4 25th december

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 enters the final day of voting for a gripping twelfth week. Five contestants were nominated for eliminations in week 12 of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. Ten eliminations took place so far and Archana was the last contestant to be evicted. A major twist was witnessed in this week’s voting results as Anitha annoyed the audience with her rants during the nominations for the best and worst performers of the week.

The ‘Ball catching’ task’s last day performances and the nominations for the best and worst performers for this week, is affecting voting results. Gabriella failed to impress in the ‘Golden ball’ round and ended up with zero points. Shivani failed to perform well which was not surprising. The prospects of either of the bottom three contestants leaving the house loom large though Anitha is at the bottom of the voting results from the first day.

This week’s voting results are seeing healthy competition in the top of the voting polls as the top contestants like Rio and Balaji are safe in nominations. The presence of one contestant from the ‘love bed group’ gave the audience a week to shift focus on Shivani, Aajeedh and Anitha.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Voting Results Week 12 Eviction – 25th December 2020

  • Gabriella – 20% vote share (81,111 votes)
  • Aari – 42% vote share (169,432 votes)
  • Anitha – 7% vote share (28,796 votes)
  • Aajeedh – 9% vote share (36,832 votes)
  • Shivani – 22% vote share (88,727 votes)

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Elimination Nominations List Week 12

  • Aari Arjuna
  • Anitha Sampath
  • Gabriella Charlton
  • Aajeedh
  • Shivani

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Eviction Week 12 Voting Trends and Analysis

The luxury budget task of this week was concluded with an interesting final round. The ‘Ball catch’ task was an all-nighter for two consecutive nights and concluded with a ‘Golden ball catching’ round which brought interesting twists. Rio and Somshekar’s performances in the task were noteworthy.

  • Shivani, Aajeedh, Gabriella and Anitha performed miserably during the final round and failed to use the opportunity to catch the golden balls.
  • Aajeedh lacked intent as usual and his performance curve is at an all time low. However, he is likely to be saved yet again by a whisker this week.
  • Gabriella’s vote share is sliding but her performance in the luxury budget task and jail nomination is giving Shivani the edge.
  • Anitha is in grave danger of eviction this week as her nomination drama and poor task performance on all the days will reduce her prospects of getting saved on the final day of voting.

Captain Balaji was safe from nominations this week. 

Who Will Be Safe From Eviction This Week?

According to reports, Aari, and Shivani are likely to be safe this week.

Who Will Be in Danger of Eviction This Week?

According to reports, Anitha and/or Aajeedh are likely to be evicted this week.

How to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Week 12 Elimination?

How to vote in Hotstar for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Disney+ Hotstar App?

  1. Open Play Store or iOS Appstore in your Mobile.
  2. Search for the ” Disney+ Hotstar ” app and Install the latest version.
  3. Now open the Hotstar app.
  4. Go to the “Bigg Boss Tamil” page.
  5. Below the stream, you will find an option to vote.
  6. Click the “Vote now” button.
  7. Choose your Favourite Contestant.
  8. You have 50 votes each day to vote for Bigg Boss Tamil 4.
  9. Missed call voting method is also available, and that information is given below.

Voting Through Missed Call Numbers (12th Week) Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Contestant Missed Call Number
Vote for Shivani Narayanan 8367796813
Vote for Ramya Pandian 8367796808
Vote for Jithan Ramesh 8367796806
Vote for Rekha 8367796809
Vote for Gabriella Charlton 8367796805
Vote for Aajeedh Khalique 8367796801
Vote for Balaji Murugadoss 8367796804
Vote for Rio Raj 8367796810
Vote for Suresh Chakravarthi 8367796815
Vote for Sanam Shetty 8367796812
Vote for Samyuktha Shanmughanathan 8367796811
Vote for Aranthangi Nisha 8367796807
Vote for Aari Arjunan 8367796802
Vote for Som Shekar 8367796814
Vote for Anitha Sampath 8367796803
Vote for Velmurugan 8367796816

Featured Image Poll results courtesy: tamilglitz


  1. Anitha’s rude behaviours are irrigating every one. She thinks that she’s only great. She says that if any other speak louder, she tells that she gets lot of disturb it seems, whereas she shouted many times, which was very disturbing the audience. Finally she said she n her husband celebrate monthly anniversary, Monthly anniversary means?

  2. When Anitha told inmates to wish her husband, Aari could have easily told “ippo mattum avan perai sollalaama” ? But being a gentleman he did not want to spoil the jolly Christians mood. But everybody’s silence clearly showed that they cannot be taken for grated and can’t act according to her frequently changing moods.

  3. this week either Anita or Shivani must be evicted, they both are boring characters, next Rio must get evicted as he does not know to play his role, he must be evicted too.

  4. Kamal Sir u need to be firm in dealing wth housemates.I dont know whether sir u feel or seen some housemates ar at the mercy of others.Example what Balaji says or do Shivani must follow @ eviction nomination.Rio ,Som ,Gaby also follow the example.Ramya @ versha bottle also do same hinting to Ajeedh before nomination process.All this shows housemates ar still
    no bothered to play their own game. To add to the insult kamal sir only verbally warn them but no serious action.To those playing fair n individual game its not fair as this individual get nominated thru this group.Whether this individual get evicted is second question.Why do this group give the same reason to nominate someone. Even Ajeedh cant even decide who to nominate as he s a second fiddle in the group and inmatured to use his common sense, but talk big that he s in the house for 70 over days.Ajeedh fail to note that , he has been safed earlier and now survive thru second chance.The rule should be once a person has nominate someone for a reason then no one should use the same reason to nominate this person again. its noted that some of the ladies @ Ramya,shivani Gaby wth Archana singing a song hinting Aari nee kalii and Ramya showed a slaughter sign.Well Aari is playing cool but if I in his situation would have slapped her to teach her a lesson.How Stupid Ramya is,call herself an actress but her character doesnt suit her.that why called Versha Bottle.Thank god Archana @ anbu mummy bull is evicted before spoils all the housemates .As DJ host she speaks cunningly and alot of lies behind to the extent can twist and turn her words@ mute the mic.Should hve seen Shivani face ,she was blur and dont know what to do.Kamal Sir should hve ask Som and Shivani to explain the issue and tell Archana to keep quiet.Thank god Archana is send home thru the audience support.plse correct the ball catch standing,as i feel the standing is wrong for top 3.Its groupism decide the position
    So once again Kamal sir rectify the mistakes and get rid of the rotten eggs and bring back the house in order.May the best person wins the title


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