Bigg Boss 3 Voting Results Update Today 4th October – Will Mugen win Bigg Boss Title on final day of Voting?

Mugen Rao Bigg Boss Season 3 Contestant

Friday October 4th is the last date for voting and we are compiling results from various sources acquired so far regarding Bigg Boss 3 Tamil finale winner voting count. This update is till morning of 4th October, 2019 and more than 20 hours remaining till voting closes in official HotStar app. Also missed call voting closes at 12am on 5th October.

Mugen is people’s choice as Bigg Boss Title Winner

Mugen Rao seems to be people’s choice as winner of Bigg Boss 3 Title. We have seen various unofficial polls and have analysed online trending including polls in Twitter where Mugen seem to be the sole person leading the votes. Mugen’s win is partly due to Tharshan’s exit as Tharshan was people’s favourite and with him getting evicted last week Mugen remains strong contender of BB 3 Title.

Losliya or Sherin to be the runner up

Losliya and Sherin are fighting hard to be the runner up. Unless there is a huge number of votes today because of Kavin’s magic Losliya will not overtake Mugen and Sherin seems to catch up slowly thanks to urban voters. Sherin is the most underrated contestant of this season, she can be even called as underdog. Many online medias have eliminted her many times before eviction day but seem to have some set of voters who likes her and vote for her to make her stay. Sherin has outlasted Cheran and Tharshan which shows she has a considerable vote bank and cannot be written off.

Sandy the most delightful player of this season

Sandy is never hated by anyone and has a huge fan following. There may be shocker that Sandy may be announced as winner too as he is Vijay Tv’s boy and has people’a approval too. But his vote bank or army is not as strong as Mugen or Losliya. Thanks to Kavin who keeps the hopes hight for Losliya, Sandy unfortunately has to rely on himself to get votes and he is doing it by entertaining people and making them like him. He may turn up as runner of this show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Results as of 4th October 2019

  • Mugen – 3076850 32% of people have voted for Mugen
  • Losliya – 2587910 25% of people have voted for Losliya
  • Sherin – 2314819 23% of people have voted for Sherin
  • Sandy – 2010881 20% of people have voted for Sandy



      • they all have come to search a nice feature but losliya she came she was oki for 2 weeks later showing attitude. did she came to biggboss to love kavin ? she would have done this in sri lanka why did she came here to tamil nadu so sad there parents

        • When you come out of your shell you get to meet different people. Some you will like, some you won’t, one or two will have a crush and fall in love with one. It happens. It’s natural and common. She is just a common and natural girl. I support Losliya for being who she is from the beginning.

          • Mugen is the best player without hurting anyone including Abhi. It takes a tough person to not react to situations n still be positive in nature. This doesn’t go well with Loose or Sherin. Loose had behaved very badly towards Cheran, Madhu n Vanitha to name a few. Lied at many occasions. Loose was not the public’s favorite. Loose n Sherin are in the finals only because of BB n Endemolshine. Mugen has been n is still people’s favorite

    • Are you crazy?Mugen is acting.Losliya is not acting is it?She should be eliminated,why the people still voting for her.Did you just say mugen rao is acting, mind your words.Losliya go down! Losliya go down ????

    • Zavaniya you are mad. The correct word is sick. Mugen is the only person to deserve to win. He has not cheated anyone and is not acting. Make a proper definition on Mugen if you can’t SHUT UP.

      • Ratha. As I said Mugen also faced barriers and difficulties until Abi was there . She left and Mugen had a chance to do well. Los and Kavin was left with their own battles to face especially the other inmates critics on their relationship. So all this plays an important part if you need to do a proper judgement. Los did well she also deserves to win. I support.

    • What are you talking…u said Mugen is acting?….Mugen is such a honest and genuine person with such a pure heart…so humble….don’t even compare losliya with mugen….losliya is a worthless contestant who was only romancing in the BB house…Mugen 100% deserves to win the biggboss title

    • Sick mind , losliya not have game sprit and stable minded if u like her vote for her don’t compare her with mugin core of show is game sprit and never give up and unique way

    • All the drama. No one actually deserves for anything. Mugen is not deserved as he was not consistent from day one as tarshan. Partially he won due to tarshan contribution. Tarshan and sandy deserve more as they are talent. The talent in big boss is just nothing. There are millions of talents in india. Go and seek for it. Some comment , india has got new talent “Mugen Rao”. Weird. India has infinite talent.
      This BB3, is not worth for award these participants. For final, sandy should be the winner as, from day one he is participating and he is talented compare to other 3. Mugen half of the time was busy with love with abi and now suddenly appeared as hero. Pity tarhsan. Its a real cheating game by producer. Tarshan is the legend of all the big boss. Hope sandy will win the tittle.

      • Mugen love abi? Did you see bigg3 all episodes… Hahahahah mugen already told to her and to the world that he not in love with abi and he alrdy got girlfriend at outside, so please dont tell this again Bro even tharshan got relationship with Shanam but he not tell about this with Sherin and keep try flirt with her.. Its not good…

      • Sir,let me put up my point.Mugen should win as a title winner in BB3.He always do him work and he nvr include in any problems…He nvr love Abi.She only love him….Mugen have one beautiful girl in Malaysia.He being honest….Said to other peoples Mugen is honest he nvr cheat anyone.He is be a good friend with Abi..Abi only love him but Mugen still being as a good friend for her…

    • You are giving such idiot comments.Don’t making fool otherwise u telling comment in social media.Did u think she is playing very well in big boss..?Can calling Drama Queen..Most hater n irrtating person in big boss home.1 week until nw the drama queen acting ony.Until nw don’t knw her real colour.Drama queen ony knw how lying n how acting in big boss house.

  2. I just want Mugen to win Bigg Boss , he’s honest and smart guy and telanted person. Give the boy a change. If not Sandy , great! … Losliya should not win, she don’t seems to be honest and Don’t like the way she talk, or laugh and also she act with so much of drama.. .. Just look at her… Full of shit.

      • I too wish the same dr frnd or if it’s mugen also no problem. Bt i don’t want Losliya to be the winner, i hate her a lot……. Bcoz Losliya avanga appa vandhapo sonnanga enakku samuthayatthai patthi kavalai illai nu (society than avangalukku velai kodithirukku,sappadu kodukkudhu n vote kooda podudhu adha marandhuttu avanga pesuranga adhu ellam consider pannamatranga namma makkal, adhey pola sherin kooda people enna pesuvanganu kavalai illa n audience patthi kavalai illanu ystrdy episode la kooda sonnanga (audience illa na avangalukku yaar vote panni save panna vaikurathu???????) idhellam yosikkama pesuranga avangaluku vote panni win panna vaika paakureenga makkale neenga………. pls purinjikonga frnds, sandy illana indha season ivlo entertainmenta irundhirukkave mudiyadhulast 2 seasonsum comedians vandhirunthanga appo kooda seriousa than pocchu bt indha season la sandy comedian illa bt evlo entertaininga pocchu pls consider pannunga and task la kooda sandy/mugen nalla than pannaga engaum give up pannala……

  3. Losliya is very young , rude and naive. She is heading for trouble if she doesn’t listen to her parents.
    Mugen is genuine. He was honest and told Abirami about his girlfriend right from the beginning.
    Sandy Master is indeed such an entertaining person who gives himself to make others happy.
    Sherin is a darling angel. So much of patience. Able to handle any situation I should say.

    • Not really. Hard work is given by tarshan and left for him to go up. No consistency from day one. As tarshan and sandy have shown consistency since day one. Voting is merely nonsense. This BB3 us utter waster to watch. By winning tittle what they can do. Nothing much they can give back to public. Waste.

  4. Mugen deserved to win the title. He is the.most humble, genuies and had play hard in this show. Only Mugen n Tharshan are deserving to win it. Losliya doesnt deserved to be in final n title winner at all. She had lots of love drama from beginning until the exit of Kavin. She also fake, arrogant n lots of attitudes.


  5. Mugen is always the best…mugen is the most deserving contestant to win the biggboss title….hardworking talented intelligent genuine person….God bless you mugen….all the best…all my 50 votes only for mugen ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Mugen is always the best….mugen is the only deserving contestant to win the biggboss title….so talented intelligent hardworking genuine contestant….with so many unique qualities….God bless you mugen…All the best ❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Sandy is to be rhe winner. All pls vote for him. Vantharai vallavaikom tamilnadu apdi solli irrukuravangaluku valli illama pochu. Pls vote for Sandy

  8. Losliya is only a deserving for this title. Already I told Mugen is acting as per each and every person characteristics. Mugen down down …

  9. Mugen must be the title winner he is one deserving next to tharasan .mugen is not acting he is true to everyone if he was fake it will show within the 100days people dont misunderstand mugen . He is the one ??

  10. mugen is the winner for tis season 3… for me nobody qualify other thn mugen…no drama…no acting…. no attitute…. he is the only 1 natural in tht house… my support ony for mugen…talented guy…

  11. Mugen samma thaaa but ya yellro Mugen and Losliya solldinge andhaa title win? namboo Sandy masterk thaaa konjona correct ahh pessnge friends bigg boss 1 st lendh eppo mutto pooindhe Sandy master nalle thaaa think ? pannge friends???

  12. If this is really a game show and the winner is decided upon conduct, performance of tasks and household chores and viewers’ voting – then the choice is order or merit should be as follows – 1. Dharshan, 2.
    Sandy, 3. Mugen.

  13. sorry to say losliya fans serious have some mental issue…They started to create army at beginning itslef saying she like oviya…sorry not all.. so wat ever she does is right for them.. She oso not 100% honest..she been bias to herself..So much rudeness in her..She do fight for rights thing sometime but not always…she can do anytg to others but cant accept it back..for her anytg to do with kavin matters but not others…others arf not perfect too but the way this followers thou she is so perfect..pongepa…inge yaarum perfwct ille

  14. mugen i a good pearson mugen is not acting mugen vandhu ela task aiyu nalla pandraga all are like mugen is win this tittle mugen is the tittle winner dont say only misstake about mugen mugen mugen mugen is the tittle winner

  15. Mugen is the deserving winner.
    Sandy has good characters as well and deserve to be runner up
    Losliya is piece of shit. Big boss is not worth watching next season if people like Losliya can win.

  16. All my votes this week is for Mugen.. he must win the title, and Sandy runner up..
    Never mind Sherin and losliya not even deserve to be finalist..

  17. Losliya a big drama Queen and she missed to play the game, instead end up with so called fishy relationship with X. OMG and if she won the title then there is no value for public votes and genuinity.


    NOTE TO VIJAY TV : We know that you will have your own strategy to announce the finalist, still Mugen Rao won people heart already. ✌️✌️✌️✌️Mugen best wishes???✌️

  18. Zaviniya you are wrong…what she done in bigboss show..if she want to play love drama can do in her country right.why she came here.she used kavin and cheran to win the show.cheran got backpain that time she never even care about him.she want youngsters vote so she start a love game with stupid and fake losliya dont give her a chance to come even the final stage.throw her away..mugen right choice… from singapore.

  19. Zaviniya,are u ok, go to a clinic n chk urself first before u give comments bcz Big Boss is a show for those who wants to be real n win this game n not a playground for lovers like Losliya n Kavin.

  20. Losliya should be the winner, She is honest and bold, She shows what she is, that’s what the show is about. This not the election to impress people by their acting.

  21. Very nice man the mugen I’m like mugen the big boss winner thi is malaysian boy

    • For now Mugen is the only one deserving the winner after Tharsen. At the end Vijay TV choose their own fevoirate contestent as how happend to Tharsen.

  22. Mugen is the only person who deserved to be the WINNER, no one can compare him with other rubbish. So, don’t even try to make him down grade by your fucking words guys. We are really proud him as he participated in BB3, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.. Mugen you’re the Title WINNER, all the very best for your undertaking future. God bless Mugen!

  23. stop it nonsens vaya mudunga ediot stupit lossliya ku thaguthi illanu solla nenga yaru ok ippa na solre sherin ku thaguthi ila ivalalatha tharsan velila pona ivaluku enna thaguthi irukku stupits lossliya no drama ava really good women kavin ku makkal vote athigam but avan lossliya kaga velila pona avan thiyagam unma so stop it k mugin lossliya sandy yar win panalim iam ok sherin not win

  24. sandy ah acting nu sonna elarum muttal lossliyava acting sonna ellarum muttal mugin ah acting nu sonna ellarum muttal athe mathi sherin only acting bb

  25. Yes Yes this The Reality Show Bigg Boss Season3, all are like Oviya not even acting like season 2, Good Planning and performing this season, really enjoyed this season, as Fact all are Original except Sakshi, some time Sherin also acting,
    Good Good this is the reality show. This title to be win Mugen Rao / Lossliya, second position Sandy master.
    Kavin is genuine……………..

  26. F**k you all Dudes. Sandy is the most deserving person. Whether he wins or not, he has won the hearts of all and sundry, including Bigg Boss. Losliya should come 3rd. 1st and 2nd Mugen and Sandy only either ways

  27. Mugen or sandy win pannanum idha ean soldrena mugen game la drop aanakapram neraya hard work potrukaru sandy is natupunu kooda paakama final desitionla gameah gameah pathu velandaru but losliya its waste of contestens i don’t like this feelings irukalam but feelingskandi title winner aaga mudiyadhu hard work potu game veladunavungala sombaya losliyanala sherinla 2 tuffest contestend dharshan and kavin veliya poitanga kavin kooda hope kudutharu but dharshan will not give up avar epdi eliminate aanaru andha feelingsnaladha so my opinion mugen and sany innocent baby 2perula yaru win panalum im really happy thank you

  28. Hello Guys.Everyone please talk nicely abt Mugen..He is honest in BB3.He nvr cheat anyone.When Abi love him also he just be a good friend for her.Mugen deserve to win in title winner…He have one beautiful girl in Malaysia….He nvr include in any problems and he nvr acting like others.He is talented boy……Others just do urs work…..You all no rites to talk abt Mugen…

  29. my point of view…

    the true deserving winner for BB3 title is MUGEN & DHARSHAN for the genuinity and the game spirit they had along with a good friendship and humanity. however since Dharshan is already out of this house.. Mugen genuinely deserves this title.
    Runner up should be Sandy for showing his entertaining spirit through-out the BB3 season and keeping the house as well as the audience entertained.
    3rd place should be for Sherin for her matured mind & her heart of forgiving nature inspite of several times being hurt by Vanita.. and she stood out to show that she is truly an angel throughout the season and even she has lend her shoulders and word of kindness to all the contestant.. she was really very sweet.
    4th Losliya.. even thou she doesn’t deserve this position.. i just re-collect the initial days when she started she was a strong contestant for her good nature without gossiping and her words spoken out was fair.. but later on she completely sunk her nature….and lost herslf…

    WINNER FOR BB3 is MUGEN RAO – the most deserving contestant.


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