Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner Rahul Sipligunj Officially Confirmed


Bigg Boss season 3 Telugu is on its finale day and it was a long journey of 105 days. There were few controversies and few became favourites like Sreemukhi, Rahul and Baba Bhaskar. Fans are eagerly waiting to know who is the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 and it’s now officially confirmed by host Nagarjuna that Rahul Sipligunj is the winner.

The cash prize is Rs 50 lakh. Right before announcing the winner, Nagarjuna asks if Sreemukhi and Rahul are okay about taking away Rs 25 Lakh each. Out of all the contestants Rahul Sipligunj had one hell of a journey from least known now to become famous among audience. Thanks to his voice and singing talent. Sreemukhi said families will feel bad if she takes 25 Lacs. But Rahul said “FANS” and voters who voted for him will lose repect on him. That is “Man from the Masses”.

Sreemukhi and Rahul refuse to accept the offer made by Nagarjuna. The actor makes them recall their dreams but the two stayed do not get swayed. Sreemukhi is the runner up of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Are you happy with the results? Comment below.


  1. Bigg boss fake real winner sreemukhi rahul yem ferform chesadu asalu punnu vunnatha sepu dani venaka paddau adi poyaka Silent vunnadu okka game kuda adaledu Sarigga . Yeppudu Comedy cheyyaledu. Game adaledu. All fake

  2. Telugu audience are dumb, they prove that again. They cannot take a woman as their leader, they are so backward and still stuck in the 15th century mindset. Thank God, we moved out .. They say ISIS treats women badly but Telugu folks are the worst.

    • A dumb fool is talking and insulting telugu people. A word once let out of the cage cannot be whistled back again. Always be prepared. Be careful what you ask for; you may get it. Be careful what you wish for. Be ever vigilant but never suspicious.

  3. Women ki eppudu enta talent unna bigboss lo eppudu winner declare cheyyaru …male dominated country … next year eee women participate cheyyadu ellago win avvaru time waste vallaki chuse maaku…

  4. It is not about the how he play tasks it is about fanbase and votings so Rahul won the title ,whoever may deserve the title will win the title ,still seimukhi is runner up ,equally winner as Rahul no problem ..

  5. Waste bigg Boss. Magavallake importance istunnadu modatisari Shivabalaji vs Hariteja, 2nd tome Koushal vs Geeta Madhuri, ippudu Rahul vs SRIMUKHI. BIGG BOSS only Gents ke title istadu.

  6. Big boss is not the game only for tasks… if so physical fit young people only would be given a chance. It’s all about how you control your emotions and live in limited priveliged home with unknowns. Rahul had better emotional stamina , he loved , he quarrelled, he loved again but never pretended. It’s a game of living not pretending to live.

  7. Asalu meku prakriya arthamyndaa?????

    It’s not only tasks…overall… He did not hide his emotions… Fans felt he is genuine…

    I wanted Baba Bhaskar.. but still I am happy with the result…


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