Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner and Runner Leaked before finale? Who are they, read below

bigg boss 3 winner rahul sreemukhi

The 105-day Bigg Boss game is set to open tonight. The winner of the big screen reality show Bigg Boss Season 3 will be announced on Sunday, 3rd November 2019. Bigg Boss season 3 Telugu started with 17 contestants and Nagarjuna as host. Currently, Rahul, Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh, Baba Bhaskar and Ali are in the final. There is a major rivalry between Sreemukhi and Rahul. However, the shock in the end is declaring Rahul as the winner. The Winner was Leaked our during is tonight’s finale filming. It is reported that Rahul will be declared the winner while Srimukhi will be runner-up.

Anchor Sreemukhi has been a number one in the title race since her debut, both in terms of tasks and performance. Audience was expecting her to win title as she is also a fan favourite outside her. However, Rahul, who had come to the final without any expectations, had been exceptionally strong in the final weeks.

Rahul is the most popular nominee among audience because of Sympathy. Not once, not twice, but 11 times in 14 weeks (no nomination in 15 weeks) .. He was nominated and saved many times this season. Rahul could not even captain due to lack of tasks. Rahul, however, testified that it was not necessary to become a winner. Rahul was successful in promoting a barber and doing sentimental work, claiming that his nativity and was not hiding the originality. Bigg Boss Winner gets Rs. 50 Lakhs, What does it mean, it’s a hope for people to know that anyone can become famous with hard work and resilience. Rahul’s words that he would be proud to do that are well connected to them.

Rahul got along well with the fact that the big bosses were in the limelight to make Sreemukhi the winner. What do they announce the winner? “We need to vote.” Even Baba Bhaskar, Varun and Ali. Why did they not get votes .. Rahul’s rivalry with Sreemukhi became a boon for him. Rahularmy has been rallying for 11 weeks with a series of nominations and he has been beaten Sreemukhi’s army.

Meanwhile, in a Telugu time poll, Rahul got more votes than Srimukhi. Till yesterday, the two were tied .. Rahul topped the list with just 1% of votes. Rahul came first with 32 per cent votes and Srimukhi with 31 per cent. Baba Bhaskar was third with 19 per cent votes and Varun Sandesh was fourth. Ali Reza tied for last place with 4 percent of the vote.

Note: Based on this result poll, Bigg Boss leaks only. Wait a few more hours to know who the official winner is.



  1. I hate Rahul.i hope srimukhi to be waste in house .he is lazy .and nt proerly. Participate in tasks.srimukhi is a strongest fighter in house

  2. Nowadays people are so crazy about fake show.
    Simply conclusion everyone after coming from the house they told that srimukh has friends of big boss and she is the winner but now people who has done propaganda what they will say πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ from my view it’s really disaster season 3 . seriously people are fooled bcoz he never became a captain in the house how he became winner and mr. baba entertained a lot but how come he became 3 position.

  3. Rahul is the fake winner. He has not given his 100% in all task. And very lazy All we r disopunit to take his winnigs. He is not the winner. Fake fake fake.

    • What srimukhi did in BB3..just shouting and always camera oriented and a grudge hearted girl……what tasks she did perform well?? whatever she did with cunning minded and cunning intentions…..she said she cant take the losing means she cant take the winning also……one should be genuine to win over


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