Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Wild Card Re-entry – Two of the evicted contestants may enter Bigg Boss house, Leaked on Social Media

bigg boss 3 telugu ali reza re-entry

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu’s Wildcard re-entry details have been leaked on social media, According to various sources one of the two evicted contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu may enter the house again. Ali Reza has more chances of re-entry followed by Rohini. Fans of Ali Reza are posting messages on social media asking Bigg Boss 3 organisers to give re-entry chance to him. As the re-entry plan was leaked, the nomination process was not completed. Even, voting lines were also not opened for the public. So far, 7 contestants were eliminated and 2 made entry into Bigg Boss with the wild card.

We even conducted a poll at the time of Ali Reza eviction if he should enter the Bigg Boss house again and 89% of the people said yes out of 18,500 votes. It looks like Ali Reza has more chances of coming back, but here is a poll where you can vote to say about which contestant should come back into the house Ali or Rohini?

Vote Online who should re-enter Bigg Boss house

Who should re-enter Bigg Boss house?

Ali Reza

rohini bigg boss telugu 3


  1. plzz himaja akka reentryplzz we want you all himjafan family followers plzz she is so genuine and strong and honest no backbitching no supported her in biggboss house but she stronly doing eveything game and give 100 per efforts in the tasks plzz give the support to her all for reentry plzzzzz i know she already told to nag sir i m not come again to enter in biggboss house but we are do plzz done the votes ali is confirm to comeback in the house another constestant we are giving chance to himaja after completing votes section she having 2nd place and wants to go biggboss house after she accepted or not her own wish but we are giving support and done the votes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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