Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Voting Results today live – Who is safe and who is in danger zone and may get evicted? Vote and Support your contestants

bigg boss telugu vote week 13

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu week 14 has reached a stage where only one day is left to vote for your favourite contestants as they face elimination. Totally five contestants are nominated for elimination this week they’re Varun, Sreemukhi, Ali, Baba and Sivajyothi. Rahul won the ticket to finale and was saved from eviction and has entered directly to finals which is happening on 3rd November 2019. Voting is on full swing in Hotstar App as well as by giving missed calls to save their favourite contestants.

Who is safe this week from Eviction?

Rahul is safe as he won “Ticket to finale” Task. Varun is leading the voting polls by having 31% of votes. Varun’s fans are voting and supporting him in full swing. Since Vithika is eliminated now her fans are voting for Varun and hence his voting percentage has increased and he is leading the voting polls. He is almost safe from elimination.

Sreemukhi trails behind Varun but Sreemukhi army is also voting in full swing as they want to compete against Rahul Army in the final week of Voting. Hence they’re voting for Sreemukhi to win this week’s voting poll. She is second in voting with 25% Vote.

Who are in danger of eviction this week?

Ali Reza who has returned as a wild card entry is in danger of eviction has is voting percentage has depleted. Baba Bhaskar is a favourite contestant but unfortunately his voting percentage is less too and is facing eviction. The fans should vote for Baba Bhaskar to ensure he gets saved this week and enter final week. Shivajyothi is trailing at last as she has not gained as much votes as the other and may get eliminated if fans dont vote for her in the last day of voting.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Thirteenth Final Elimination Week 14:

  • Varun Missed Call number – 8466 996 714
  • Sreemukhi Missed Call number – 8466 996 713
  • Ali Reza Missed Call number – 8466 996 711
  • Baba Bhaskar Missed Call number – 8466 996 708
  • Siva Jyothi Missed Call number – 8466 996 701

You can vote online through Hotstar app searching for Bigg Boss Telugu. You can give upto 10 votes daily.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination Voting Results for Final Thirteenth Elimination

Which Contestant Will Get Saved This Week?

Ali Reza
Siva Jyothi
Baba Bhaskar
Varun Sandesh



  1. Srimukhi akka ni abhimanulu manusu yappudo winner ayipoyavu akka… srimukhi akka 100velu brathukuthu ni moukam ela churinavvu undali… avaru anni tittina nuv patinchukovadhu…ayina adhi niku blessings…inka enno successful life kavali….

    • Vote for Varun.. Rahul and Ali are gossiping with Shiv Jyothi. Rahul is fake. He changed his plates. He is showing attitude towards Varun and supporting waste Ali and Shiv Jyothi. He is good actor
      Vote for Varun pleaseee. He is genuinely playing. He is very nice guy.

  2. Shiv Jyothi is one Waste candidate in big boss house. She started targeting Varun for past things. She is very annoying and irritating. She has to be eliminated from house. She is so insecure and manipulative in house. She knows she will get eliminated this week,that’s the reason she is raising unnecessary reasons on Varun. She is trying to manipulate audience thoughts.

    Vote for Varun

  3. Eliminate Shivajoythi.Some body comment Ali winner it is impossible .when he was eliminated and come back.again so he is unfit for final.winner list.

  4. Ali eliminated for expiring of his uncle. Why everyone thinking he came again through wild card entry. But he is playing all task well.

  5. Vote for rahul he is entertaining and striagth forward person his language doesnt teach his attitude .pls vote for rahulllllll.
    Happy New Year!
    Good Luck To U ?rahul bhaiii

  6. Varun is one of the waste candidate in a big boss season 3 house. He is always targeting Sivajyoti for silly things and also she is an women and he is not giving any respect to a women . He is very annoying and irritating all constestants. He should be eliminated from the big boss house. Otherwise, there is no meaning for the reality show.

  7. I am watching Big boss show from the beginning . I have seen character change in each content based on their situation and support but Varun is the one constant and didn’t found any character change . He always try to be a good human with all of them and help others in sad situation’s and motivate others in tasks . What I feel is He is very genuine from the beginning.

    I heartly wish Varun should be the winner

  8. Rahul runner, sreemukhi winner wait and see everyone, Varun 3rd place, baba 4th place, Ali or shivajyothi 5th place, sreemukhi army rockss????


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