Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Voting Results Finale Week 31st October – Who is leading on Day 4?


Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 finale week has started on Tuesday 29th October 2019 with fans of all the five contestants are voting in support of their favourite superstars. There is intense competition among all the fan armies on who should win the title of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Rahul, Sreemukhi, Ali Reza, Baba Bhaskar and Varun are competing for the title and all these are well known contestants of Bigg Boss, hence this fierce competition.

Bigg Boss Voting Results Thursday 31st October 2019

Rahul’s Army Retains a Whopping 41% Vote Share For Their Favorite Contestant!

Rahul is clearly a hot favorite to win Bigg Boss Telugu 3. His fans have been a big boost to his prospects in this season. Rahul Sipligunj’s victory in the ticket to finale tasks was a big upswing for his prospects to win the title. In fact, Rahul gained a lot of new fans after his ticket to finale victory. His closest rival is Sreemukhi who trails by more than 10% vote share. As of Day 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 title winner audience voting, Rahul holds a whopping 41% vote share. It is stunning to see the kind of ardent fans Rahul possesses. In the last 4 days, Rahul has retained his vote share.

Sreemukhi Might Not Recover to Win the Title?

Sreemukhi’s desperate attempts like dancing in the house to gain the attention of the audience and swing the votes in her favor might not work. However, Rahul fans are ensuring that their votes go to anybody except Sreemukhi.

It is high time that Sreemukhi understands that only looks and charisma will not win her enough votes.  Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is all about gaining the trust of the audience and Rahul Sipligunj has succeeded in doing just that.

  • Varun Sandesh is at no. 3 with 17% of vote and it’s a surprise for many as Varun is expected to perform better than this and even overtake Sreemukhi
  • Baba Bhaskar is unfortunately at no.4 with 10% vote and it’s very less. Baba has gathered huge fans online but it is not converted into votes though

Ali is out of the Title Winner Race?

Ali Reza is at no. 5 with just 7% vote share and we expected him to do better as Ali’s fans were eager to get him back into the show by trending #bringbackalireza. It is evident that Ali has failed as a contestant when it came to showing his prowess as a person rather than a strong physical task performer. Ali’s game plan took a deep plunge once he was disqualified from the ticket to finale competition.

How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Title Winner

You can vote by giving missed call method to register vote for your favourite contestant
Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Winner:

No Contestant Number
1 Varun 8466 996 714
2 Rahul Sipligunj 8466 996 706
3 Sreemukhi 8466 996 713
4 Baba Bhaskar 8466 996 708
5 Ali 8466 996 711

You can vote in HotStar app too by searching for “Bigg Boss 3 Telugu” and clicking on the voting banner.
Also we have our own voting poll where you can vote online, This is an unofficial poll but it would help us with predicting voting results by analysing with various voting polls that are taking place.

Who will be the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Title Winner?

Rahul Sipligunj
Sreemukhi Rathod
Baba Bhaskar
Varun Sandesh
Ali Reza


  1. Rahul is a best contestant in the house because of the task and having straight forward… however Rahul will be got title…winner winner Rahul winner…….

  2. Babagaru….he is the elder in big house, but he giving very tuf fight to all contents he is peaceful person, very jovel , good cook, finally I feel he is sutible for big boss title…?

  3. rahul what game he played only love only he played other all 0 how you people saport rahul win for title for bigg boss eye open hotspot video see rahul where you see beast sremukhe and baba bigg boss game entertainment full day you rahul only bed top side what he doing tell all rahul fans 100 days nothing only army making all flowe only now bigg boss what you no bigg boss is who beast more entertaining full day every episode rahul can see any good cliiping have he how to winner you vote give this for winner you all same to got tipye all same go only game for he not a winner srimukhi only beat for game rahul why people make winner eye open see boss .bigg boss 2 also winner also no good all how to see bigg boss same for army making


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