Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Voting Results Finale Week 30th October – Who is leading on Day 3?


Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 finale week has started on Wednesday 30th October 2019 with fans of all the five contestants are voting in support of their favourite superstars. There is intense competition among all the fan armies on who should win the title of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Rahul, Sreemukhi, Ali Reza, Baba Bhaskar and Varun are competing for the title and all these are well known contestants of Bigg Boss, hence this fierce competition.

Bigg Boss Voting Results Wednesday 30th October 2019

Rahul’s Army Retains a Whopping 40% Vote Share For Their Favorite Contestant!

Rahul is clearly a hot favorite to win Bigg Boss Telugu 3. His fans have been a big boost to his prospects in this season. Rahul Sipligunj’s victory in the ticket to finale tasks was a big upswing for his prospects to win the title. In fact, Rahul gained a lot of new fans after his ticket to finale victory. His closest rival is Sreemukhi who trails by more than 10% vote share. As of Day 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 title winner audience voting, Rahul holds a whopping 40% vote share. It is stunning to see the kind of ardent fans Rahul possesses. In the last 3 days, Rahul has retained his vote share.

Sreemukhi in Distant Second, Will She Recover?

Sreemukhi’s desperate attempts like dancing in the house to gain the attention of the audience and swing the votes in her favor might not work. However, Rahul fans are ensuring that their votes go to anybody except Sreemukhi.

It is high time that Sreemukhi understands that only looks and charisma will not win her enough votes.  Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is all about gaining the trust of the audience and Rahul Sipligunj has succeeded in doing just that.

  • Varun Sandesh is at no. 3 with 18% of vote and it’s a surprise for many as Varun is expected to perform better than this and even overtake Sreemukhi
  • Baba Bhaskar is unfortunately at no.4 with 10% vote and it’s very less. Baba has gathered huge fans online but it is not converted into votes though

Ali is out of the Title Winner Race?

Ali Reza is at no. 5 with just 8% vote share and we expected him to do better as Ali’s fans were eager to get him back into the show by trending #bringbackalireza. It is evident that Ali has failed as a contestant when it came to showing his prowess as a person rather than a strong physical task performer. Ali’s game plan took a deep plunge once he was disqualified from the ticket to finale competition.

How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Title Winner

You can vote by giving missed call method to register vote for your favourite contestant
Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Winner:

No Contestant Number
1 Varun 8466 996 714
2 Rahul Sipligunj 8466 996 706
3 Sreemukhi 8466 996 713
4 Baba Bhaskar 8466 996 708
5 Ali 8466 996 711

You can vote in HotStar app too by searching for “Bigg Boss 3 Telugu” and clicking on the voting banner.
Also we have our own voting poll where you can vote online, This is an unofficial poll but it would help us with predicting voting results by analysing with various voting polls that are taking place.

Who will be the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Title Winner?

Rahul Sipligunj
Sreemukhi Rathod
Baba Bhaskar
Varun Sandesh
Ali Reza


  1. Rahul is the best person in the house reality always apperiance
    Stimuki just play role blackmailing others and cheering hotness of baba baskaer. Like colour game saw every one .she given signal varunsandesh colour game .baba basker push colour water by caring. This is cunning role playing by sreemuki. Worst lady in the house.

  2. Vote for Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun

  3. Fist…. Rahul
    Second… Ali
    Third.. Baba baskar

    Good behavior by Rahul… Rectify his mistakes day by day..
    Baba Basket number one person in this house but He cannot play his own game
    Influence by other.
    Ali best performance task star…
    Everybody to understand…. Duty of real characters more important beauty& rectify everyday their mistakes everybody. That is successful of jury &Winner in this house

  4. Bryce J Winters is a PAID PROMOTER of Rahul’s team of promoters. It is evident RIGHT FROM GET GO. It is a shame that a journalist sells his service like this and has the audacity to promote himself as a journalist. He is mean (look at his comments about Baba Bhaskar), downright sexist (comments on Vithika, Jyothi and most importantly Sreemuki). The problem is Rahul (just like Kaushal did) is a well oiled paid machine that is most likely well paid and gets a huge cut from the 50L. It happened in Tamil with Kavin and Loslya. But bottom line, Kaushal did not go anywhere nor will Rahul. Where as Sreemuki, Jyothi and Baba will have a better future thanks to their REAL skills (not made up singing )

    • Don’t u think sree muki do over action. Baba won’t play his game n influence by sree. I feel sree is cunning. Did rahul do any cunning games in his journey. From first to last he is same. Simple person maybe if he is lazy let it be. But he has very balanced nature.

  5. I can’t understand English so m Telugu language type to message dear BB3 management sir….. Till to day
    Rahul 103 days complete aiendi 103 days lo Rahul punarnavi tho 84 days Love lo religion lo undi 103 days big boss house lo complete cheysindu dis is not fair dis person not fair winner …

    Management gurthinchalisina avasaram undi okka Vella Rahul winner ga meru anouns ment cheyeste really ga BB3 management love support chestunadi naa abhiprayam

    And varun same story sir….

    Sreemukhi baba baskar final contest sir dis is carect ee message management BB3 tapakuda chusi winner select cheyalani …

    Okka Vella Rahul winner aiendo BB3 management proud

  6. Duty of real characters more important beauty and rectify everyday their mistakes everybody. That is successful of jury and Winner in this house. Good behavior by baba basker … Rectify his mistakes day by day..
    Baba Basker number one person in this house…..

    Winner baba basker

  7. I don’t why everyone saying Rahul is a winner… present in this top 5…Rahul is the only one who was never a captain in this season….

  8. Kindly request big boss……
    Gender is not important either male or female… Total characters is most important & rectify their little Bit of mistakes day by day more important.
    And viewers always follow their role of characters and entertainment in this house. Rahul always efforts his style of task&baba also. Stimukhi always misguied directions given baba sir and varun. She played not well because of just play role of character even episodes modal. She is very very worest contest in this house. She always covering lies of others. Big Boss and viewers always wanted virtual & reality wanted. Even remaining four members played real game.
    Evey common man support. Both Telugu states best farformer in this house……. Rahul winner of the in this house
    Second runner of the in the house Baba Baskaer… This is final judgement Andhra… Telangana.. Tamil Nadu states wanted Mr. Rahul winner big boss season 3Runner Baba basket sir. (Lindy request baba basker sir your doing well but most of many times influence by sreemuki.,,)

    • If srimukhi is worse player then she would have gone long back eliminated right. Dont put such kind of comments on any contestant. If u dont like please shut ur mouth. U alone cant judge who is good and who is bad. Every human being is sometimes good and sometimes bad. If Rahul is good then definetely he will become winner,, but in my point of view Srimukhi is better than Rahul.
      Its everybody mistake that if u dont like any person, if that person do anything u will be seeing in all negativity. Finally, we will see who will be the final winner.

  9. Beside loud voice Shrimuki has no other extra qualities. it really irritates when she screams and shouts in the house, She wants to showoff that she is only the best contester in the house. Task wise she is even worst then Shiva Jyothi. Indeed Shrimukhi should have been eliminated rather then Shiva Jyothi

  10. All contents Ni compare chesthe 100%rahul is best and genuine other contestant okari help thiskondi tasks lo win ayyaru but Rahul ki evaru support cheyaleedhu and PVVR group valu kuda support cheyaleedhu ayina andaru chapathru tasks lo perform cheyaleedhu ani yendhuku Thanu give up anadu first adi telikovali eggs tasks lo sreemukhi tho vellinapudu Thanu nannu touch chesthe bagunda anindi aa time lo yemi cheyali chepandi same situation many times vacchive Rahul ki finally Rahul adina tasks 1)BB secret task 2) Punnarnavi elimination sacrifice lo BB icchina tasks. 3)himaja captainship task 4) Punarnavi elimination saved task 5) Vithika medalin help tasks. 6) sreemukhi captain task colour bol protect tasks 7)Kanchana tasks.8)ticket to finale take Inka kavala chapandi chepathanu andaru games lo okari support chesthane win ayinaru thappa single ga adina game okalukuda leeru but Rahul always single in any tasks no one support I am from Bangalore all the best Rahul brother…

  11. Hiiii Rahul is the title winner of bb3. Because he is very talented person, He know how to talk with contestants and also he is the best performer. And also he will give answers with ☺……….I love Rahul chicha……

  12. First nundi last varaku game bagane adindhi srimukhi genuine game adindhi srimukhi… srimukhi winner always abhimanula manusulo

  13. Srimukhi is supercool…entertained every one…always energetic…cheerful….she gave the content that Big boss audience expecting…keep rocking Sree….our love and votes for you…

  14. I believe all four contestants(Rahul sreemukhi varu and baba) have given their best..
    all have worked hard…Though Rahul was super cool at the beginning he started showing his game only after punarnavi left. It is his luck that he got ticket to finale and iam happy that baba bhaskar also got ticket to finale. He was the person with utmost patience in the whole house. And VArun started to be like himself only after vithika left who is the most manipulative person.

  15. Rahul should not get the title,because he doesn’t perfectly participated in any of the tasks.If he gets the title(bb3) it’s cheating.Either sreemukhi or baba Bhaskar should get the title.If Rahul gets the title,there is cheating going on.he doesn’t participated in any of the tasks perfectly or good.Just waste.worst attitude.Dont know how to talk with others.worst worst attitude.Either sreemukhi or baba Bhaskar should get the title (BB3).If Rahul gets there is some cheating going on.

  16. Asalu bb 3 lo real hero varun ..thanaku evarithonu godavalu levu..vithika valla thapa .thanaku personal ga every tho nu levu..nijam ga bb3 real person ki win cheyyalanukunte ..hello Nagarjuna sir ….varun no winner cheyyandiii…..varun varun varun …real winner..

  17. Bb3 koncham janunga ata adindi rahul mathrame migatavarandar okanoka time lo cunniga adaru so big boss 3 winnar rahul bb3 toal episode chusthy ardhamuthundi rahul winnarani nenu e comend pettalsina avasarm ledu meru kuda e post pettalasindi kadu ani na filing

  18. Really iam very happy all contestant are good but rahul played natural game he did a mistake but he realise and rectify that’s why he is winner


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