Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Elimination Voting: Which Contestants Face Danger this Week for the Sixth Elimination?


Big Boss Telugu Season 3 is burning the TRP charts and the sensationalism in the Telugu version of Bigg Boss is at an all time high. The spat between the husband-wife duo, Vithika and Varun, Himaja stepping up for attention, Hema’s shocking confessions post evictions is working in the show’s favor and Baba’s rise at a genuine character are working in the show’s favor.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamannah, Rohini and Ashu are eliminated from the show as of now.

How Did the Nominations Take Place?

The sixth elimination nominations took place in a unique way. The contestants were split into five teams with two people in each team. The two people in a team were called and the rest of the contestants nominated one of the two for eliminations. After the remaining eight contestants cast their votes, the contestant with the most votes had a bucket of muddy water poured on them.

Apart from the general nominations, the captain Siva Jyothi used her captaincy power to nominate Varun Sandesh as the direct nomination for this week.

Varun vs Punarnavi ( 3 – 5 votes )

Ali nominates Varun

Ravi nominates Punarnavi

Shreemukhi nominates Punarnavi

Himaja nominates Punarnavi

Baba Bhaskar nominates Punarnavi

Mahesh nominates Punarnavi

Vithika nominates Varun

Rahul nominates Varun

Ravi Krishna vs Ali Reza ( 7 – 1 votes )

Himaja nominates Ravi

Shreemukhi nominates Ravi

Baba Bhaskar nominates Ravi

Mahesh nominates Ravi

Varun nominates Ali

Punarnavi nominates Ravi

Vithika nominates Ravi

Rahul nominates Ravi

Baba Bhaskar vs Mahesh Vitta ( 2 – 6 votes )

Rahul nominates Baba Bhaskar

Vithika nominates Mahesh

Punarnavi nominates Baba Bhaskar

Varun nominates Mahesh

Himaja nominates Mahesh

Ali nominates Mahesh

Ravi Krishna nominates Mahesh

Shreemukhi nominates Mahesh

Himaja vs Shreemukhi ( 7 – 1 votes )

Ravi Krishna nominates Himaja

Ali nominates Shreemukhi

Varun nominates Himaja

Punarnavi nominates Himaja

Baba Bhaskar nominates Himaja

Vithika nominates Himaja

Rahul nominates Himaja

Mahesh nominates Himaja

Rahul vs Vithika ( 4 – 4 votes ) – Sivajyothi uses Captain rights to nominate Rahul

Ravi Krishna nominates Rahul

Mahesh nominates Vithika

Baba Bhaskar nominates Vithika

Varun nominates Rahul

Ali nominates Vithika

Himaja nominates Rahul

Punarnavi nominates Vithika

Shreemukhi nominates Rahul

Final Result: Siva Jyothi nominates Rahul by using captain’s privilege

Siva Jyothi was safe from nominations this week as she is the captain.

The contestants who face the risk of the sixth elimination this week are :

  1. Ravi Krishna
  2. Rahul Sipligunj
  3. Himaja
  4. Punarnavi
  5. Mahesh Vitta
  6. Varun (direct nomination by Captain)

Punarnavi Quest To Save Rahul Goes in Vain

Rahul and Punarnavi shared a special bond but he was unfortunately nominated by Punarnavi last week. However, this week Rahul was battling his out of nominations for the sixth time in a row against Vithika. Punarnavi nominated Vithika and it resulted in a tie between Rahul and Vithika. Punarnavi’s attempt to save Rahul went in vain as Siva Jyothi used her captaincy power to nominate Rahul over Vithika.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Sixth Elimination:

No Contestant Number
1 Ravi Krishna  8466 996 702
2 Mahesh Vitta 8466 996 712
3 Rahul Sipligunj 8466 996 706
4 Punarnavi 8466 996 709
5 Varun Sandesh 8466 996 714
6 Baba Bhaskar 8466 996703
7 Himaja


Who will be eliminated this week in Bigg Boss Telugu 3? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. Baba Bhaskar is just targetting everyone to get eliminated. Baba Bhaskar, Ali, Srimuki, Varun, Shiva Jothi and Vithika are having team plan. Baba Bhaskar is not at all bothering if anyone are in trouble. He is the biggest culprit. Eliminate Baba Bhaskar and team.

  2. Plz bigg boss e week lo himaja ne eliminated cheyandi tanu kavali Ani andari tho akuva godavalu petukuntundi himaja worest bigg boss plz himaja ne eliminated cheyandi

  3. VOTE RAVI, time vacchinappude matladali tanu stand teeskovatledu ani prathisari nominate chestunnaru kavalani adi oka proper reason kadu he is v.dedicated for all tasks save ravi….aslu vithika vellipovali anvasaranga amenu save chesaru….

  4. We should vote for people who is genuine and vote for Rahul although he is facing nominations every week he never let his smile go away.he is that kind and down to earth ?we support u Rahul Anna.

  5. We should vote for people who is genuine and vote for Rahul he is facing nominations every week he never let his smile go away.he is that kind and down to earth ?we support u Rahul Anna.

  6. Frnds Rahul Ni save chudham Thanu prathi Oka nominations Lo untunadu plz frnds Rahul Ni save chedham China China vishayalaku nomination chesthunaru

  7. Just save Mahesh and punarnavi and mahesh
    Thay are very good gameing to ply
    Thay what are said to be frank
    Ravi just passing all issues ravi
    He just stay home but their is no use

  8. Save mahesh good human being baba is doing drama we can observe if we see his face if anyone nominates he expect nobody should nominate him if he is a good competitor he should not worry for nomination he don’t have confidence also mahesh supported him but he is not trust worthy he is chameleon as Jyothi said please observe his face anyone can identify that fake nature

  9. ప్లీజ్ బిగ్ బాస్ హిమజ ని ఎలిమినేట్ చేయండి తను కావాలి అని ఏదో విధంగా అందరితో గొడవ పడుతుంది ఓవరాక్షన్ తట్టుకోలేకపోతున్నాము ప్లీజ్ బిగ్బాస్ హిమజ ని ఎలిమినేట్ చేయండి

  10. Baba bhaskar kosam mahesh godava paddadu.viswasam lekunda baba maheshni.burada task ayyaka .atu jarugu ani .asahya bhavamtho anadu.chala bada anipinchindi.baba buddi chupadu natistunadu.titil win evarikichina happy .baba ku matram vaddu.kanning

  11. Save mahesh, all contestants are targeting him everybody is nominating him good human with great honesty great person nobody listen to him I will really feel bad about that compare to everyone he is the good entertainer in tv and cinema nobody else

  12. Thank you bigg boss varun Rahul and ravi ne save chesinanduku bigg boss adi vedam ga himaja ne eliminate cheyandi plz bigg boss

  13. Rahul keka task, cutout chusi touche cheyakudadu bigboss other contestants, touche cheste Power tattukoleru, Rahul rocks this week task, vote for Rahul friends, eleminate himaja

  14. Game ni game laga adakunda, nannu mutttukovadhu, nannu lagodhu ane batch motham ni eliminate cheyyandahe!

    Vithika can call Varun fruit, can nominate Varun. But Varun can do secret task with vithika???

  15. Bigg boss house lo andharivi naatakaale,aali and himaja thappa endukante aali and himaja thondharaga open ga,natural ga react avuthunaru,andhuke himaja ni andharu ala antunaru….but it’s wrng plz support to aali and himaja

  16. I dont know why bledy situations going on with sreemukhi , himaja punarnavi acting over smart with men how they overcome and win the tasks given by bigboss nobody should not touch any were and should not push what is this bledy game. They should not be in the game then. They must quit from the game.
    They are comparing like all men are villains wantedly touching and losing their tongue and what the hell they are talking then bledy himaja and sreemukhi uncessarly big boss has given linience to them


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