Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Elimination Voting: Which Contestants Face Danger this Week for the Fourth Elimination?


Big Boss Telugu Season 3 is burning the TRP charts and the sensationalism in the Telugu version of Bigg Boss is at an all time high. The spat between the husband-wife duo, Vithika and Varun, Himaja stepping up for attention, Hema’s shocking confessions post evictions is working in the show’s favor and Baba’s rise at a genuine character are working in the show’s favor.

The last week’s elimination was gripping and thrilling as Tamanna made her way out as the third elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. The elimination of Tamanna is leaving the ground open for fellow contestants to strategize and create controversies.

Which Contestants Will Be Eliminated This Week in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu?

The contestants who face the risk of elimination this week are :

  1. Sreemukhi (direct nomination)

  2. Varun Sandesh,

  3. Baba Bashkar

  4. Rahul Sipligunj

  5. Ravi Krishna

  6. Siva Jyothi

  7. Rohini

Punarnavi is safe from nominations this week and Sreemukhi was directly nominated.

Varun – Vithika Love Factor

Varun Sandesh and Vithika seemed to be cozying up in the house and love is finally in the air. Their unity could change a lot of things in the house. Vithika is not nominated for elimination this weekend and Varun is unlikely to be eliminated as the couple could churn the TRPs in the right way.


Couple Nominations This Week Changed the Nomination Pattern?

Bigg Boss came up with a new strategy for the nominations process this week, which will be the fourth eviction in Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

At a time, two contestants were randomly picked to enter the confession room and their decision to nominate one was supposed to be a conclusive result of their discussion. Except for Punarnavi who enjoys immunity this week and Sreemukhi who is a direct nomination, all the other contestants were invited in pairs.

Siva Jyothi and Rohini Pay the Price For Discussing Nominations

Rohini and Siva Jyothi are surprise nominations for elimination this weekend. Apparently, they were nominated by the Bigg Boss as they broke the house rule of not discussing nominations. Though the duo refused, Bigg Boss stuck to his decision.


Baba Bhaskar’s image is being glorified at the right time, especially post the eviction of Jaffar last week. It is likely that Baba Bhaskar will be saved this week.

Audience can vote for their favorite contests through the missed call method or via online voting through the Hotstar app. For the exact procedure to cast a Bigg Boss Telugu vote, follow the detailed procedure on how to vote in Bigg Boss Telugu.

Missed Call Numbers to Vote for Your Favorite Contestants in the Fourth Elimination Weekend :

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote:

No Contestant Number
1 Ravi Krishna  8466 996 702
2 Siva Jyothi  8466 996 701
3 Rahul Sipligunj 8466 996 706
4 Sreemukhi 8466 996 713
5 Varun Sandesh 8466 996 714
6 Baba Bhaskar 8466 996703
7 Rohini 8466 996 707


  1. Sreemukhi Mahesh Vitta waste candidate cunning fellows game lo solve the following waste fellows this week eliminated srimukhi and Mahesh Vitta

  2. Mahesh Vitta sreemukhi ki Serena white card entry kundali Iddaru game lo Antha Mausami game Athadu white card entry toh vallarta Aata cutting Chali

  3. Chee srimukhi asalu aaa ammayee vallee groups ayyayani nijam cheppalante baba master garu vallani group chesi varun vallani corner chesindhi inka tapaka vallu group… She is very worse candidate eliminate her immediately

  4. Punarnavi and Vitika, if they dont like someone they make sure they spoil there name. So smart people in the house. Punarnavi, in the begining i was a fan of her, but started seeing her attitude and she never sees anyone when it hurts her, she will nominate everybody. People do not have guts to speak to her, cos she speaks with logic. Its only her opinion on others she spreads in the house. Innocent people are going to suffer in this house, if they continue supporting Punarnavi. Vitika, dandaalu samy neeku. Em acting thalli. Still, cant judge who is the best and who is worst. Tejaswi Madivala was hatred cos of her anger, why not Punarnavi, this is cos she is saying people u r good and then pointing out mistakes. I prefer Tejaswi was better than Punarnavi. Want to see more and lets see who turns out to be what.

  5. Please Eliminate Rahul either varun rahul overacting and cunning sreemukhi played very well ashu waste in the house himaja also good played

  6. Plz eliminate Sri mukhi and Ashu reddy plz bigg boss Sri mukhi cunning game adutundi Ashu home lo una lenatu ga undi himaja and poorinavi gudava ki chustunaru

  7. Ee bigboss house lo most worst candidates srimukhi mahesh valla meda vella meda donga maatalu chepedi vallu babamaster manchivaru vallu chevaraku babamaster ni kuda kopam vachettu cheptharu…. okka godava jargindi ante daaani pedadi chesthundi srimukhi papam rahul sorry cbeppi entha manchiga unna persnal attack chesthundi only rahul meda edi correct kadu oka point tesukoni daani babaki mahesh ki chepthu malli ali ki chepthundi himaja ki chepthundi……… i tell it’s not correct… think don’t vote srimukhi i know b/w rahul and srimukhi rahul is good srimukhi dangerous candidate secret game person…. mere chudandi appudu srimukhi inkokari gurinchi dicuss chesthundi rahul alaa cheyadu

  8. Dear Brothers and sisters pls ELIMINATE SRIMUKHI first. SAVE THE HOUSE. cunning srimukhi ni chudalekapothunnam And SAVE RAHULl.

    • Rahuli lantii bhadakam lantivadinii yekkada chudaledhu vaduu panii chestunatuu epati varuku chudaledhu Rahuli pani kii and game addatanikee panikeranduu only poorinavi nii venakaa teragadam and tanu chepenatuu venadam tapaaa am ledhuu soo nooo use…..

  9. Punarnavi dhengey nuv ne age entha nuv entha evariki ela respect ivvalo teledhu ,nuv antunnav nagarjuna gaaru ani ,name petti pilusthunnav ? Calll only sir Tippi kodithe house lo andarikante Chinna porivi nuv .shutt offf vadu veedu anadam please elemenate punarnavi


  11. I am support for rahul attitude was good
    He is the guy who genuine he was not playing any safe play plzz support for rahul

  12. Bigboss munduga sreemukhini eliminate cheyandi chillara mokamdi gatti gattiga arustadenti asalu amenta chillara mohamdi ekkada undaru

  13. Rahul..a straight forward guy..varun innocent guy..mahesh..and sree mukhi most cunning and self fish fellows…plzz save Rahul, Ravi, shiva jyothi and Varun

  14. House annatharvatha matalu anukunna Malli sorry chepyadu Rahul sreemukhiki. And nagarjuna gaari mundu Kuda chepyadu, personalga 2 or 3 times sorry chepyadu but sreemukhi yemantundo thelusa Rahul eliminate ayithe Chala Chala happy Anta thanaki cha… Houselo unnappudu swarthalu untdoccha direct Rahul facepai cheppesthundi nuvvu vaddu eppudu houselo and futurelo lifelo Kuda ani. So I hate you sreemukhi. Plz vote for Rahul. Eliminate sreemukhi big boss.

    • Sreemukhi is correct because rahul is cheatig sreemukhi in captaincy task and he also use unnecessary words on her so she feel

  15. Srimukhi good candidate..well behaviour.she is very active person. Rahul behaviour very bad,presently he didn’t play his game ,his focus only punnarnavi.present Varun,Vitika okay…

  16. Please vote for sreemukhi she is genuine in the game she don’t play any tricks each and every housemate angry on sreemukhi she follows the biggest boss rules plz save her

  17. Srimuki waste cunning lady baba master Ali ni influence chesi strong avdham anukontundhi game aduthunte kuda thanani pattukovadhu antundhi barre gothutho aruthundhi thanaki oka rule inkokariki inko rule anatu matladuthundi

  18. Hallo Gaye’s vote for varun bayya????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. This week elemenat to rohni ok na Gaye’s??????????????

    REPLAY FRIENDS??????????????❤???☝☝❤❤❤??????????❤❤???❤❤❤??????❤??

  20. E season last varakai unde candidates ,
    1, Srimukhi
    2, Baba Bhaskar master
    3, Shiva jyothi
    4, Mahesh vitta
    5, Varun sandesh
    6, himaja

    I think This week eliminated
    #Rohini garu

  21. Rahuli lantii bhadakam lantivadinii yekkada chudaledhu vaduu panii chestunatuu epati varuku chudaledhu Rahuli pani kii and game addatanikee panikeranduu only poorinavi nii venakaa teragadam and tanu chepenatuu venadam tapaaa am ledhuu soo nooo use…..

  22. I want to discuss about srimukhi and mahesh
    Rahul sorry cheppina face paine I will nominate you till you get out of the house anadam she’s literally trying to make him bad,even in guddu task.
    Team ni matlatho mosam chesi last ki vellindi guddu kosam
    Rohini ni face paine nuvve veltav ee week Ani cheppindi I voted rohini to disprove srimukhi
    Mahesh vitta Varun ni vaadu veedu Ani Chala sarlu annadu (in absence of them while talking with baba master) Rahul arey
    Ante kopam vachindi ?

    • Rahul Sipligunj SAFE kavali ….RAhul bhai barabar matladthadu. DON’t blame him
      he is the best nd best contestant in BIGGBOSS … Eliminate Sreemukhi


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