Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Elimination Voting September 9: Which Contestants Face Danger this Week for the Seventh Elimination?


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is all set for an eventful week ahead. The last week saw an array of controversies, shocks and tears. The introduction of the second wildcard entry is set to spice the game up. Shilpa Chakravarthy entered the house on September 2nd and there is already a frictional vibe taking place among the ladies in the house. Host Nagarjuna returned to the Bigg Boss house last weekend.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamannah, Rohini, Ashu and Ali Reza are eliminated from the show as of now. Ali Reza was eliminated last week which was shocking to the audience and the contestants as well.

How Did the Nominations Take Place?

The seventh elimination nominations took place in a unique way. Apart from Baba Bhaskar, all the contestants were split into two teams with five people in each team. The nominations took place in an open manner. A contestant from each team had to pick up two photos of the contestants they wish to nominate for eliminations and put a ‘tikka’ on their heads.

Group 1: Shreemukhi Himaja Mahesh Ravi Siva Jyothi

Group 2: Varun Vithika Rahul Punarnavi Shilpa

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote Online – Who Nominated Which ContestantFor ELimination

Ravi nominated Rahul and Shilpa

Punarnavi nominated Mahesh and Shreemukhi

Siva Jyothi nominated Shilpa and Punarnavi

Shilpa nominated Siva Jyothi and Himaja

Shreemukhi nominated Punarnavi and Shilpa

Vithika nominated Ravi and Mahesh

Himaja nominated Shilpa and Vithika

Varun nominated Mahesh and Himaja

Mahesh nominated Varun and Punarnavi

Rahul nominated Ravi and Shreemukhi

Which Contestant Will Be Eliminated This Week?


Later on, the suspense broke out when the mystery friend entered the house as the new wild card entry – Shilpa Chakravarthy.

Shilpa was asked by the Bigg Boss to cast her nominations for the sixth elimination as well.

Shilpa nominated Ali and Shreemukhi.

Total Votes For Each Contestant Facing Elimination

Himaja – 2 votes

Punarnavi – 3 votes

Ravi Krishna – 2 votes

Mahesh Vitta – 3 votes

Shreemukhi – 2 votes

Shilpa – 4 votes

The contestants who face the risk of the sixth elimination this week are :

  1. Himaja
  2. Shilpa
  3. Shreemukhi
  4. Punarnavi
  5. Mahesh Vitta
  6. Ravi Krishna
  7. – Saved By Baba Bhaskar with captain powers.

The captain Baba Bhaskar was given the power to save one of the nominated contestants. He ended up saving Ravi for his strong performances in the task.

Punarnavi and Himaja Back in Nominations

This week’s nominations gave a much needed break for Rahul. There seems to be a pattern in the way the votes have been cast this week. The stronger contestants – Shreemukhi, Ravi and Punarnavi are targeted more this weekend which puts more pressure on Mahesh and Shilpa as the former strong bunch is likely to get a huge chunk of votes.

Shilpa and Mahesh are apparently in the danger zone.


Why Did Baba Bhaskar Not Save Shreemukhi?

Shreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar seem to share a very strong connection in the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house. It was surprising to see Baba Bhaskar choose Ravi Krishna over Shreemukhi. However, the audience feel the right decision was made and Shreemukhi seemed fine about it.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Seventh Elimination Week 8:

No Contestant Number
1 Shilpa  8466 996 702
2 Mahesh Vitta 8466 996 712
3 Himaja 8466 996 705
4 Shreemukhi 8466 996 713
5 Punarnavi 8466996709

Let us know who do you think will be eliminated in the comments below.


  1. Please this is a request to all the viewers to eliminate srimukhi from the house.
    Please once see the back days of the bb house ,the main reason for the Ali Reza eliminated is the one and only Sri mukhi .
    That’s why yesterday baba baskar couldn’t save her with his powers.

  2. Sri vundali andhuku ante konta madhi thanani emani anna thanu avishani clear chesukoni valtho friend ga vuntundhi kani vallu thana venaka okakalni sri midhaki rechagodhutunaru ani na felling

  3. Sreemuki shoud be eleminated……because she is doing very over action in the house…we are unable to see the episode because of her over action. So my humble reuest to all viewers please eliminate sreemukhi form the house in this week.

    • y srimukhi is eliminated,strong contestant thanu ,prathisari melanti vallu vundatam valana showa sarva nashanam avuthunai,this not correct ,thanu aduthunna game correct ,rahul cheyuatledha over action punnu and vithika cheyatledha valatho compare chesthe srimukhi is best ,antha over cheyalo antha chesthundi

  4. Rahul and punarnavi doing excess of over acting plzzz biggboss eliminate them becaz. They forgot that is show no. Of cameras is there and no. Of people’s was seeing wt they are doing in the house Soo plzzz eliminate them it’s our demand

  5. Sreemukhi should be eliminated. Why because she thinks she is the only smart person. With her over action she is becoming villan of her own actions.

  6. Srimukhi : she is playing good ,it’s a game kada tanu vunde attitude Miku alagae anipistundhi…
    Punarnavi : I think her attitude and loud voice is trying to blame the public…she is not fair so don’t be a over confidence ..I hope u will be play well
    Himaja : she is also more attitude before first week later she completely changed her attitude simply nice
    Mahesh vitta : he is also playing well upto now he is good to see now ..
    Shilpa : I think we will give to her single chance bcz she came as wild card entry but we will see how to face the situations, problem so plz gave her a chance

  7. Srimukhi oka daridram 2019ki oka pedha darudram punarnavi kuda enko daridram vellaku chesedi takuva bigboss lo chese adavidi anta entakadu elanti vallanu asalu bigbossloki no entry 2019ki parama daridram ante srimukhi punarnavi

  8. Srimukhi oka daridram punarnavi enko daridram 2019 enka pedha daridram sari ina contest lu leru esari next ina 2020 ki manchi vallanu eliminate chaiyandi


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