Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Elimination Voting October 8: Varun, Mahesh and Rahul are Nominated this Week for the Eleventh Elimination, Vithika Uses Battle of Medalion Privilege


Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is entering its 12th week with a gripping elimination nominations task. All the contestants had to participate in the eleventh elimination nominations task and there was no privilege for any contestant. Punarnavi was the last contestant to be eliminated in Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

How Did the Eleventh Elimination Nominations Take Place?

The contestants were given a trolley (shopping cart) and they had to push it to the target paths. One of the contestant will not have a target path available in each round and hence, they will be nominated. Varun was the first contestant to lose the task. Vithika lost in the next round, followed by Mahesh and Rahul.

Vithika Uses Her ‘Battle of the Medallion’ Winner Privilege

Vithika was the second contestant to be nominated for the eleventh elimination nominations this week. However, once the task was over, Bigg Boss gave her the privilege to use her ‘Battle of the Medallion’ medal to save her from nominations this week. Vithika instantly agreed to the offer. Hence, Vithika is safe from nominations this week.

Vithika’s decision left her husband Varun, Mahesh and Rahul as the final nominations for the eleventh elimination this week in Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

Rahul and Baba Bhaskar Get Into A Fight 

The competition became fierce towards the last two rounds. Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar were plotting for some strategy secretively. However, Rahul became furious after the round in which Mahesh lost. Rahul accused Baba Bhaskar of cornering him and deliberately blocking his strategy. Baba Bhaskar clarified that he was going as the trolley took him and there was no specific strategy to corner him.

Rahul Sipligunj Enters Yet Another Elimination Nomination!


Rahul Sipligunj is no stranger to the eliminations nominations list. Rahul entered the list of probables for the tenth elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. However, it is unsure if Rahul might be eliminated this week as his fan base is huge.

The contestants who face the risk of the eleventh elimination this week are :

This week’s nominations will be an exciting one to watch as all the contestants who were nominated were touted as favorites to enter the finals of Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

  1. Mahesh Vitta
  2. Varun
  3. Rahul Sipligunj

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for Eleventh Elimination Week 12:

No Contestant Number
1 Mahesh Vitta 8466 996 712
2 Varun 8466 996 714
3 Rahul Sipligunj 8466 996 706

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination Voting Results for Eleventh Elimination

Which Contestant Will Be Safe From Eviction This Week?



    • My vote for Mahesh vitta and baba basker…..ada valaku line cheiyadaniki love cheiyadaniki bigboss3 show cheiyadam ledu……Rahul….akkada ade chestunadu ..vadiki evaru votes vestaru . Nizaitiga game ade valanu gelipiddam

    • Rahul should be eliminated he don’t how to talk specially with ladies.I think he should be eliminated this week. I want to safe mahesh vitta

  1. Varun Rahul best frnds if varun eliminated means rahul bcm down bcz thr no support fr rahul if rahul down means srimukhi baba vl do over scope fr rahul so fr rahul strongness we should support varun also so rahul fans plz support varun also bcz thr true frndshp shd cm finals like Samrat tanish last season so eliminate Mahesh and support tht both frndshp bcz I respect frndshp so support varun Rahul

  2. Arun sandesh is very good man and
    good human being, cool person I think he is reqd to stay Bigg boss. Mahesh vitta be eliminate he didn’t know how to talking

  3. S Mahesh dnt no how to be true he said dng double game sterday episode I hated him and I never kp one vote him .so guys support gud humanity and genuine person support varun and support true frndshp so support Rahul support both

  4. I am not sure why all are voting for very lazy and inactive Rahul.
    Also for cunning Varun.

    Good hearted Baba Bhaskar is opt person to win BB. Even Jyothi or Srimukhi are even better.

    • Nuv bale comedy chestunav bayya Baba Bhasker ki fan anukunta vadu pedda 420 gadu.Varun cunning anataniki niku ami ledu vithika valla antunav

  5. Varun nt cunning he jenuine real cunning srimukhi always targeting rahul baba baskar no baba masker comedy but in tht comedy he hurtng all Jyothi nt yet nominated safely playing let her once nominated means let know she strong or week she showing favoritism but varun rahul straight forward even Mahesh vitta double face no true heart
    Support varun Rahul let frndshp should be thr

  6. Rahul assalu game adadu nomination nunchi save avvadam kosam kuda sarigga adadu ina Rahul ki entha support ha how is it possibul. Plz veiwers game kosam kastapade varini gelipinchandi.

  7. S guys gud humanity vundaevalini gelipichandi Mahesh vitta thagra yem quality undhi orkae noor undhi ani matlu matladithae ganaga vadu best no varun yentha genuine person sometimes thani wife thap chesthae nu he vl take stand vithika kosam varun ni hate cheyakandi baba gamer open ur eyes and see comedy comedy ni chala mask vesi chala chesthunadu support varun guys atleast finale varku aina support cheyandi

  8. My vote for Mahesh vitta and baba basker…..ada valaku line cheiyadaniki love cheiyadaniki bigboss3 show cheiyadam ledu……Rahul….akkada ade chestunadu ..vadiki evaru votes vestaru . Nizaitiga game ade valanu gelipiddam

  9. vote for rahul varun plzz because they are not acting and u said rahul went to timepass and he went to their to love that is his wish and it was his personal

  10. Votes Edina Sare adi mi estam
    Evariki kavalo vala ki veskondi
    But gurthupetukondi
    Vote vesetapudu correct ah kada ani
    Plz…. Evaru chepadhuu
    Vilaki veyi
    Valaki veyi ani
    Adi mana estam

  11. Honesty ga unde valaki god eh help chestadu
    Epudu kakapoina
    Vere A situation ayina
    So plz…
    Dont beg anyone to vote..
    For ur favorites


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