Bigg Boss 3 Telugu 7th October – Parking task for 11th Elimination nomination, who gets nominated? Promo Video

bigg boss 3 telugu 12th week eviction nomination

Today marks the first day of Bigg Boss 12th week and hence the task for eviction nomination is underway. Each of the eight contestants is given a trolley and they need to safely park it in the seven parking spots available. One of the contestants left will be nominated for 11th elimination. This is the first elimination nomination task for the week. We see that Rahul stumbles while going for parking while Sreemukhi, Baba uses the trolley skilfully and parks them on parking spot.

Rahul falls down but recovers and tries to move against Mahesh. Whom do you think gets nominated, Rahul or Mahesh. Will Vithika use her medallion to save Varun if he gets nominated tonight? Comment below.


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