Bigg Boss 3 Telugu 30th September – 11th Week Nomination Process for Eviction announced, who gets nominated? read here

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu eviction nomination list 11th week

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is entering 11th week with with an announcement from captain Sreemukhi about eviction nomination for this week. All the contestants except Sreemukhi are wearing workers costume and their task would be to collect the bricks thrown inside the house randomly and save it. As soon as buzzer stops they should put it in a container, each fake brick has a number and whoever has the least number will get nominated. This is a tricky game and it involves luck too Sreemukhi being the captain of house is safe from elimination nomination. But everyone else have to play well to be safe. You can check the promo video here

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu 11th Week Elimination nomination list leaked?

According to multiple sources these are the people who looses the task and gets nominated for elimination in 11th week of BB Telugu season 3

  • Punarnavi Bhupalam
  • Vithika Sheru
  • Baba Bhaskar
    Mahesh is nominated by captain Sreemukhi which is a shocker as we’re not sure why she nominated him. We will have to wait and watch tonight’s episode.


    1. Really strong and best contestant is Sreemuki. 100/100 marks,
      Varun 90/100.
      Punnu 70/100.
      Vithika 60/100.
      baba 60/100.
      shiva jyothi 50/100
      Rahul 30/100.
      Mahesh 10/100.

    2. Varun is best and genuine contestant. He has to be title winner. He is not overacting like srimukhi, agreesive like Rahul, masker like baba basker, annoying like Punaravi, vithika and Mahesh, depressed like Jyothi and wildcard entry like Ali Raza.


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