Bigg Boss 3 Telugu 17th October 2019 – Rahul and Varun’s Family enters BB house, will Vithika get eliminated this weekend?

bigg boss 3 telugu 17th october 2019

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is seeing family members entering BB house this week, on Thursday 17th October the first entry is Rahul’s mother. She calls for Rahul and Rahul is seen entering a room to meet her. Rahul cries seeing her mother and it’s a moment of joy as they both hug each other. It must be noted that out of the seven contestants Rahul is leading this week’s eviction vote with more than 40% of votes for him, he has every chance to win Bigg Boss Telugu title this year.

Next to enter Bigg Boss house today is Varun’s Bamma. She seems to be really sweet and Sreemukhi was seen interacting well with her. All the other contestants were warming well with her and Varun’s Bamma interaction with Bigg Boss was fun. Though Varun appears happy with his family member visit, he must be sad as his wife Vithika is trailing in vote.

Will Vithika get eliminated this week

Vithika didn’t get nominated last week as she used her medallion and got away from elimination nomination. But she is not so lucky this week as all the seven contestants of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu are nominated. From the voting results so far Vithika trails behind votes and appears last at voting count. If this trend continues she may get eliminated on Sunday. What’s your view on Vithika’s elimination, comment below.


  1. Frds vote for vithika save her
    She not lessthan any one in bb house
    She played tasks very well compare to sree and shiva jyothi
    But why i dnt knw every saying that she was cunning

  2. One of the worst contestants in the BB house, she should get eliminated earlier only, but her luck is saving her, she is really conning My opinion is that both wife and husband should get eliminated.

  3. Shiva jyothi is actually a cunning one in the house.. Vithika is far better than Shiva Jyothi & Sreemuki. Shiva Jyothi should get eliminated.


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