Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – Why should Sherin win Bigg Boss Title? An analysis for our readers

bigg boss 3 tamil sherin eviction

We have decided to analyse all the four Bigg Boss final week contestants to give a clear idea for our readers to decide on whom should they vote. This starts with Sherin. Why should Sherin win the title of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil. Here are some of the characteristics of Sherin

  • Good rapport with all team members
  • Good bonding right from the beginning
  • Strong contender in physical tasks when compared to other female contestants
  • Loving and caring
  • Sticks to Her Duties
  • Very affectionate towards the ones she loves

Do you think Sherin deserves to win Bigg Boss 3 Tamil title? Comment below


  1. Ok…. Because she deserves all the he quality… She didn’t spoil…. The house by expressing her feelings….. She is very good… Loyal… Than losliya….. After her father’s advice…. Still she continues her rubbish in the house….


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