Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – Why should Sandy win Bigg Boss Title? An analysis for our readers

Sandy Master Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

We have decided to analyse all the four Bigg Boss final week contestants to give a clear idea for our readers to decide on whom should they vote. This starts with Sandy. Why should Sandy win the title of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil. Here are some of the characteristics of Sandy

  • Mass Entertainer
  • Humor Sense
  • Competitive spirit
  • Dancing
  • Non Involvement in Controversies or Triggering Fights
  • Values Friendship & Relationships
  • A Very Good Father and Family Member
  • Loves His Friends
  • Plays His Game With Utmost Dedication.

Do you think Sandy deserves to win Bigg Boss 3 Tamil title? Comment below


  1. Sandy is most deserving of the title…. He has been veey genuine and has kept the housemates happy… He played the game from his heart… All the best Sandy… Cheers!

  2. He must Win Bcoz he’s Loved by All for his Entertaining skills, Also.very helpful n Enjoys to develop Friends. Thorough Competitor


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