Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – Why should Mugen Rao win Bigg Boss Title? An analysis for our readers

bigg boss vote mugen

We have decided to analyse all the four Bigg Boss final week contestants to give a clear idea for our readers to decide on whom should they vote. This starts with Mugen Rao. Why should Mugen win the title of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil. Here are some of the characteristics of Mugen


  • Competitive spirit
  • Caring&Helping others
  • Singing,dancing
  • Creative
  • Good listener
  • Values Relationship
  • Apologises for his mistakes
  • Genuine
  • Good Attitude
  • No gossip
  • Confident

Do you think Mugen deserves to win Bigg Boss 3 Tamil title? Comment below


  1. Mugen is d most deserving to win the title..anybody else is tolerable except looseliya who has nothing to expose her talent if at all she has any other than running behind useless kavin like a puppy

  2. Mugen deserve to title winner.??
    We need genuine person to win.
    Love u n always we support from u.
    ❤?God bless you always Mugen ?❤

  3. Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote
    Losliya vote

  4. Tharshan should have won by far and next to him is Mugen is the clear cut winner. To increase the rating how can you change the equation and say one and one is three. Vijay TV is calling all the viewers are stupid.

  5. When Shilpa Shetty won Big Brother show, Indians from all over world was proud.
    So now Mugen should be the next person to be celebrated by all Indians worldwide & he is definitely the most deserving person to win the title…let’s get the golden ticket winner to win the title this time…

  6. Losliya win the above annalysis score rate not accepted eg tamil speaking she deserves 4 not 2 sherine does not pure tamil involvement mugen not agreed sandy was saving himself over ating uttung others b joking too much using sorry after damaing image shering too much trying to be baby and talking lies been so matured than Losliya Mugen was flerting with Abirami was very backwards no spirit recently only started playing task Losliya multi all rounder soooo LOSLIYA DESERVES THE TITLE

  7. losliya voters she deserves to win if itsaaa jolly like dance n sing beauty pagent show not bigg boss i like losliya i think shes talentedd n beautiful but shes not deserving to win bigg boss title tho the channel will give it to her

  8. Mugen Rao is involved wholesomely and genuinely. He displayed decency and confidence, most importantly it was his individuality that is outstandingly shining all the way. In the remaining 4 and with due respect to them, none others are close to Mugen’s calibre. If at all the winner is other than this most deserving contestant, then this program is a set-up and waste of time to ever watch again in the future.

  9. Mugen Rao is the most deserving after Tharshan to win the title of BB3 . He is pure hearted and very genuine . Please vote for Mugen?

  10. I really like MUGEN ROU because he is a famous singer in MALAYSIA and I like his voice …. definitely he will win… u MUGEN….GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️

  11. Mugen Rao is the winner. He is the most sincere, helpful, well mannered and a shining star of the BB 3! Good luck Mugen. You deserve to be the winner.


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