Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote – Whose family members you want to see next in BB house ?

bigg boss 3 tamil vote

Vote here whose family members you want to see next in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil. Today Mugen’s mother and sister came and the reunion of family was heart touching, so whose family members should come next, Vote below

Which Bigg Boss contestant family members should enter next?




  1. Utter flop show is BB season 3, Losliya & kavin based on what BB production team is saving them we dont understand, This is not absolutely public voting results, If it is public voting 100% kavin & Losliya would hav been thrown out long back, Sandy , Sherin all are waste persons , they are here like spending there vacation. Only Bigboss game is exactly played by Only female candidate Vanitha , male candidates Tarshan & Megen, All others are flirting with each dogs & cocks, Waste never expected this flop show. Vijay channal playing with public emotions. Already winner is been decided also. This is waste of time to vote. Vanitha plays exactly, but she over talks but still she plays big boss game. Not by loving , flirting or looking into eyes & spending there time. Bull shit on yr show.

  2. It just a game not a life apart from BB house there is a another life for kavin and losliya I think it’s just a friendship between kavin and los

  3. This game is challanged to behaviour to each ones..but kavin faced many problems..and attacked…by situations…kavin only win the game..


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