Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote Online – Which of your favourite Contestants Nominated for This Week Elimination, #VoteforKavin Trending on Twitter

bigg boss 3 tamil vote online week 11

Bigg Boss Season 3 Week 11 Day 71 is getting better with all contestants nominating the following people for this week’s elimination. #VoteforKavin is trending online showing how popular Kavin is. Will he get saved this week, We have to wait and watch.

Whom Did The Housemates Nominate for Elimination this week?

The house was prepared for a open door nomination. The contestants were expected to vote openlu and share the reason why they have nominating those two persons for Elimination. They are also barred from nominating themselves. Here’s how the elimination nominations shaped up. Vanitha cannot be nominated as she is the captain of the house.

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Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote Online

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  • Vanitha nominated Kavin and Losliya
  • Kavin nominated Cheran and Sherin
  • Sandy nominated Kavin and Losliya
  • Cheran nominated Kavin and Mugen
  • Losliya nominated Mugen and Sherin
  • Mugen nominated Cheran and Kavin
  • Tharshan nominated Kavin and Losliya
  • Sherin nominated Kavin and Cheran

    Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Missed call voting

    To protect your favorite housemate from elimination, it is prerequisite to vote for him/ her by using the phone number mentioned here. Each Bigg Boss Tamil Vote sums because the one who has less voting will be sent out of the house at the end of the week. Here is the list of people who are in the house and got nominated for this week. Find your favorite contestant voting and make your vote count by following Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting. To vote any contestant through phone, just give a missed call to the mobile numbers disclosed here. Each One is assigned with a unique number.
    To save your favorite Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant this week, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile numbers:

    Contestant Name Profession Status Missed Call Number
    Vote For Losliya Srilankan Newsreader In House 836 7796 805
    Vote For Cheran Director In House 836 7796 802
    Vote For Fathima Babu Actress Eliminated 836 7796 803
    Vote For Kavin Raj Actress In House 836 7796 804
    Vote For Abhirami Venkatachalam Actor Eliminated 836 7796 801
    Vote For Madhumitha Actress In House 836 7796 806
    Vote For Saravanan Actor In House 836 7796 812
    Vote For Vanitha Vijay Kumar Actress Eliminated 836 7796 817
    Vote For Sherin Shringar Actress In House 8367796813
    Vote For Sakshi Agarwal Model and Actress In House 836 7796 810
    Vote For Mohan Vaidhya Singer Eliminated 836 7796 807
    Vote For Saravanan Actor In House 836 7796 812
    Vote For Sandy Choreographer In House 8367796811
    Vote For Mugen Rao Singer and actor In House 8367796808
    Vote For Reshma Pasupuleti Model and actress In House 836 7796 809
    Vote For Meera Mithun Actress Eliminated 836 7796 816


    Which Contestants Will Be Eliminated This Week in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil?

    Sherin Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Will She be Eliminated in Week 11
    This is the very first time Sherin gets nominated for Eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil. She has never been nominated and doesn’t command a bigger fan base like Kavin, Losliya, Mugen or Cheran. All these people have been eliminated in the past and saved by people’s vote. We are not sure if Sherin commands such a fan base. We can see #voteforkavin and #Losliyaarmy already trending on twitter and they are bound to get maximum number of votes. Cheran will be saved for his reputation and so it’s between Mugen and Sherin. We personally feel Sherin should be saved as she has not done anything wrong. We have to wait and watch what happens this week.

    Mugen Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Will he be eliminated in Week 11?
    Mugen Rao Bigg Boss Season 3 Contestant
    Mugen is not as popular as Losliy, Kavin or Cheran and hence needs people’s support to stay. He has the support of Malasiyan tamil people and we expect them to vote for him. His nomination this week by Cheran, Kavin and Losliya was uncalled for but at thee end of the day it’s in the

    Kavin Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Will he be eliminated in Week 11?
    kavin bigg boss tamil 3
    Kavin has a huge fanbase and will definitely get saved this week. Infact as we speak #voteforkavin #savekavin is trending widely on Twitter

    Cheran Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Will he get eliminated this Week 11?
    Cheran is a reputed director and people want to see him on this show. He will garner enough votes to save from eviction.
    Losliya Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Will she get eliminated this Week 11?
    She commands a huge army called Losliya army and again she was trending on Twitter. It will be a huge surprise if she gets eliminated and we expect her to be saved by her fans.

    Vanitha Questions Everyone and Housemates has no Answer

    Vanitha’s questions to housemates were the highlight of the day and she had asked everyone the right question starting from Kavin. She told Kavin no to play his sympathy card by saying I am ready to leave the house and told him if he would have left Sakshi would have not been eliminated and have even gone to finals. Then she retaliated against Sandy for his crying and showing emotions, then asked Losliya the right questions on why she is showing partiality for Kavin and not for Cheran. It was the highlight of the day and we expect this week to have many such scenes.

    Total Votes for Each Contestant Facing Elimination in Week 11

    • Cheran – 2 votes
    • Losliya – 3 votes
    • Mugen – 2 votes
    • Sherin – 2 votes
    • Kavin – 3 votes

    How to Vote For Your Favorite Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Contestant Online This Week 11?

    1. Download the Hotstar app to take part in the voting procedure for audience voting in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.
    2. Login to the page using your e-mail account, phone number or any social media account. (If not, you have to sign up and create your Hotstar account)
    3. Click on the Bigg Boss Tamil banner or if you are unable to find it, type Bigg Boss Tamil in the search bar.
    4. Click on the ‘Vote’ button
    5. Find the names of the contestants who are facing elimination test this week.
    6. You will get 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight. You can either cast those votes to one person or divide it among your favorite nominated contestants.

    Who will be eliminated in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 this week? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. இந்த கவிண் பயல வெளிய அனுப்புணா சரியாகிவிடும் மத்த வங்க செய்க்கட்டும் என்றால் அவன் முதலில் வெளியேற வேண்டும் காதலிக்க இது என்னா பார்க்கா பெரியவர் முதல் சிறியவர் பார்க்குரார்கள் இதுல காதல கத்துதாரிங்கலா இல்ல நல்லவிசயத்த கத்து தாரிங்களா தெரியல கவின சொன்னா ஏண் சொம்புநக்கி லாஸ்லீயாவுக்கு கோபம் வருது அரிச்சா வெளிலபோய் செய்ங்க இங்க செய்யாதிங்க நண்பர் எல்லாம் வெளியே சாண்டி உள்ள விளையாடுங்க. மக்களுக்கு மனசாட்சி இல்ல வனிதா கேட்டதுல என்னா தப்பு சொல்லுங்க திரும்பவும் குருப்பாதான் உக்காந்து இருக்கானுவோ அவணுங்க இவனுங்க விளையாட வல்ல லவ் பன்ன குருப்பு ஃப்பாம் பன்ன வந்துருக்கானுங்க

    • ஆமாம் வனிதா சரியாக சூப்பரா பேசுறாங்க.இந்த பிராடு கவினை வீட்டவிட்டு அனுப்புனா நல்லா இருக்கும்.
      அவன் சிம்பதி கிரியேட்
      நல்லா தான் இருந்தா
      கவின் கூட சேந்து
      முட்டாள் ஆயிட்டா

  2. Cheran director maadhiri behave pannala summaa kavina target pandraa very worst cheran attitude, very bad man please people eliminate cheran immediately

  3. Cheran eduku bigg boss house varanum because cinema fieldey nomination pannita peragu vandhutan, cheran lasliyava vechu vote vaanguran, he is not right person in director and cinema field, pls eliminate cheran immediately

    • kavin have a bad attitude as like to influences Losliya
      and they had a realship love where you should play the game.
      really boring BOTH ATTITUDE

  4. Kavin and losliya ve velila anupunga pls kamal sir avangalale unmaiya jaikanum irunthavanga Ellam velila poitanga kavine muthala velila anupunga makkal yellarum yen kavinku vote pandringa avanga games vilaiyada mathiri therila

  5. Cheran unmaiyave nalla manithar…..cheran kataisi varaikum irukanum….ithu oru game so …kamal sir munadiye losliyava kuptu solidanga…ithu onnum sutrula thalam ilainu…..yevlo solium losliya kekura maari ila….kavinum apti than….kavin and losliya…rendu perula yaaru velila ponalum nallathu than…….

  6. kavin win pannuna nyayam nermai ellam seththu pochu nu artham.avana veliya anupunga vilaiyada thahudhi illathavan.first season la aarav pannuna velaiya pakuran nu ninaiken

  7. Lei cavin ethukku ulla irukka love pannaya unnaku oru jaalra losliya veliya poinggala .Unnaku play panna viruppam illatta nii veliya pola ethukku charanaum serinyum pova sollutha.vanitha Akka your speech supparo supper.Vera leval akka.Lei cavin veliya polaaaaaaa……………Unnaku Ulla Irukka Thakuthiye Illa pooooo………….

  8. Lei cavin ethukku ulla irukka love pannaya unnaku oru jaalra losliya veliya poinggala .Unnaku play panna viruppam illatta nii veliya pola ethukku charanaum serinyum pova sollutha.vanitha Akka your speech supparo supper.Vera leval akka.Lei cavin veliya polaaaaaaa……………Unnaku Ulla Irukka Thakuthiye Illa pooooo………….

  9. I want to be save mugen, losliya and kavin. Vanitha kavin ah romba cheap ah pesraanga edhume oru alavukku thaa, adhu avangala insult panra maari iruku. First vanithaa olungaa avanga first olungaa irukkanum adhuku aprm aduthavangala sollanum.kavin love ah thaa 2 pera pannitaa avlothaa but ivanga marriage aeevlo panraanga vekkame illama ivanga kavin pathi pesradhu rights ae illa

  10. Pls don’t vote for kavin and losliya. Such a irritating faces in bb3. They just came for find a life partner for them but this is not a show that. Pls think and vote for deserving contestants.

  11. Bigg boss season 2 Aishwarya Vai Pala murai kappatriya Bigg boss intha murai yeen kavin ,losliya iruvaiyum veliyetra mudiyatu, arambattil irunthu kazdda paddu vilayadiya matravargal muddala, hotstar app Malaysia download Panna mudiyavillay nanggal yeppadi vote alippathu


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