Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote Online – Which of your favourite Contestants Nominated for This Week Elimination, Cheran and Sherin in Danger?

bigg boss 3 tamil eviction list week 13

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 completed 85 days this week and the show is setup for some sensational twists in the coming days. The upcoming days in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 will be gripping as the #Tickettofinale tasks will start. Vanitha’s eviction is likely to reduce the amount of controversies. Last week was emotion filled with the near and dear ones of the existing contestants visited the house.

Fathima Babu, Vanitha, Meera, Mohan Vaidya, Reshma, Sakshi, Madhumita, Abirami and Kasthuri are eliminated so far. Vanitha was the last elimination from the Bigg Boss house. However, Cheran was lucky enough to get the secret room opportunity and is back in the house.

This week’s elimination nominations were Cheran, Sherin, Kavin and Losliya.

Who is Your Favorite Contestant This Week? Save them from elimination!!



Who Was Safe From Nominations This Week?

None of the contestants were safe from elimination nominations this week.

Whom Did The Individual Contestants Nominate?

The house was prepared for a closed door nomination. The contestants were expected to vote secretively and not discuss their nominations with anyone. They are also barred from nominating themselves. Here’s how the elimination nominations shaped up.

Cheran nominated Sandy and Kavin

Kavin nominated Cheran and Sherin

Sherin nominated Kavin and Losliya

Sandy nominated Cheran and Sherin

Losliya nominated Mugen and Sherin

Mugen nominated Cheran and Losliya

Tharshan nominated Kavin and Losliya

Which Contestants Will Be Eliminated This Week in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil?

This week’s elimination nominations were Cheran, Sherin, Kavin and Losliya.

Total Votes for Each Contestant Facing Elimination

Kavin- 3 votes

Cheran – 3 votes

Losliya – 3 votes

Sherin – 3 votes

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Missed call voting

To protect your favorite housemate from elimination, it is prerequisite to vote for him/ her by using the phone number mentioned here. Each Bigg Boss Tamil Vote sums because the one who has less voting will be sent out of the house at the end of the week. Here is the list of people who are in the house and got nominated for this week. Find your favorite contestant voting and make your vote count by following Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting. To vote any contestant through phone, just give a missed call to the mobile numbers disclosed here. Each One is assigned with a unique number.
To save your favorite Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant this week, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile numbers:

Contestant Name Profession Status Missed Call Number
Vote For Losliya Srilankan Newsreader In House 836 7796 805
Vote For Cheran Director In House 836 7796 802
Vote For Fathima Babu Actress Eliminated 836 7796 803
Vote For Kavin Raj Actress In House 836 7796 804
Vote For Abhirami Venkatachalam Actor Eliminated 836 7796 801
Vote For Madhumitha Actress Eliminated 836 7796 806
Vote For Saravanan Actor Eliminated 836 7796 812
Vote For Vanitha Vijay Kumar Actress Eliminated 836 7796 817
Vote For Sherin Shringar Actress In House 8367796813
Vote For Sakshi Agarwal Model and Actress Eliminated 836 7796 810
Vote For Mohan Vaidhya Singer Eliminated 836 7796 807
Vote For Saravanan Actor Eliminated 836 7796 812
Vote For Sandy Choreographer In House 8367796811
Vote For Mugen Rao Singer and actor In House 8367796808
Vote For Reshma Pasupuleti Model and actress Eliminated 836 7796 809
Vote For Meera Mithun Actress Eliminated 836 7796 816


Which Contestants Will Be Eliminated This Week in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil?

Sherin Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Will She be Eliminated in Week 13
This is the very first time Sherin gets nominated for Eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil. She has never been nominated and doesn’t command a bigger fan base like Kavin, Losliya, Mugen or Cheran. All these people have been eliminated in the past and saved by people’s vote. We are not sure if Sherin commands such a fan base. We can see #voteforkavin and #Losliyaarmy already trending on twitter and they are bound to get maximum number of votes. Cheran will be saved for his reputation and so it’s between Mugen and Sherin. We personally feel Sherin should be saved as she has not done anything wrong. We have to wait and watch what happens this week.

Kavin Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Will he be eliminated in Week 12?
kavin bigg boss tamil 3
Kavin has a huge fanbase and his negative seems to be working for him. Will his sacrifices for his friends end and will he start playing for himself?

How to Vote For Your Favorite Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Contestant Online This Week?

1 – Download the Hotstar app to take part in the voting procedure for audience voting in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.
2 – Login to the page using your e-mail account, phone number or any social media account. (If not, you have to sign up and create your Hotstar account)
3 – Click on the Bigg Boss Tamil banner or if you are unable to find it, type Bigg Boss Tamil in the search bar.
4 – Click on the ‘Vote’ button
5 – Find the names of the contestants who are facing elimination test this week.
6 – You will get 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight. You can either cast those votes to one person or divide it among your favorite nominated contestants.

Who will be eliminated in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 this week? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Sherin tha velila ponum thevai illama kavin ah thappa sollittu irukkanga avanga dharsan mala affection vachitu last illanu poi sonnavanga avanga thevai illa avga tharsan ku matu support panuvanga mathavangala kora solluvanga sherin tha ponu sherin will go

  2. Kavin is a good player in this bigg boss team wat I feel .he is playing very welll .whatever problems he faced also he never blame anybody for infact others are the reasons also he is very quiet player .and he is taking the game in sportive humanity way not like kill others also want to win that is not sportive wat I feel .Kavi is good player .big boss contestants ranking other than audience ranking is very important we are with u kavin

  3. Have watched Bigg Boss 3 the whole season! Enjoyed! Last 4 Contestants all are good! Sandy and Mugen both are qualifying for finals- tough fight- depends on the public poll… Bigg B Kamalji has been an excellent host… I am sure many have learnt lot of valuable experiences from Bigg B… Congratulations to all members for their contributions!??Shanti Shanker from Dubai! Congrats to Vijay TV too???


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