Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – Vanitha Vs Kavin Fight – Whom do you Support? Vote Below and Share your views

bigg boss 3 tamil kavin vanitha

The fight between house captain of week 11 Vanitha and Kavin has reached peak in Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil. They both are arguing about the reasons given by Kavin for nominating Sherin and Cheran. Kavin said he nominated Cheran because he won national awards for his movie and Bigg Boss title is not important for him. He nominated Sherin because she acted in successful films like Thulluvadho Illamai and Bheema hence Bigg Boss title is not important for her. Vanitha called those reasons fake and said Kavin is not playing the game as a game and uses sympathy to gain vote. She further added that Sakshi would have played the game honestly over Kavin but she got eliminated because of him.

Kavin shouted back at Vanitha and brought her family issues into this saying her problems are completely different from what we are facing here. Whom do you think is right? Vote below.

Vanitha Vs Kavin Who is Correct?

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  1. I don’t understand why public is supporting Kavin for his stupid behavior. He is creating sympathy votes. Guys plz think before you vote, shocked to see the results already..

  2. he is stupid to vote Shyarine and Sheren every one here has come to contest Bigg Boss choose them they definitely know the rules so leave it to audience !!!!!

  3. Saravanan is a victim in Bigg Boss he admitted the mistake he was not sentantced to prison, if Bigg Boss want to punish him send him to Bigger Boss one or two days that looks fair ( Jasemal Muniandy Penang M’sia)

  4. In Malaysia we think differently total of India I feel very frustrated with Kavin way of approaching the game behaving like a cunning guy , play the game and win the title , don’t play love affair in public , you spoil true feel of the game. !!!!

  5. Vanitha kept ask kavin losliya “why enter big boss 100x vanitha ask.
    Vanitha ask sakshi why she come big boss? Fall in love game n blame kavin? Sakshi u fail play game more fall into love. U say kavin trap?? Aloo sakshi why you cme big boss! Vanitha pls ask sakshi this 100x


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