Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 9 Eviction List – Vanitha nominated by Boys gang, Vanitha nominates Tharshan

vanitha nominating tharshan bigg boss

Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil Day 78 eviction nomination for this week is happening, this time it’s a close nomination and not an open nomination like last week. Now the boys gang are united to remove the only force against them which is Vanitha, so they are unanimously nominating her for elimination this week.

In the primo video we first see Tharshan nominating Vanitha with the reason that she is getting involved in other people’s affairs and always creating some fight. Then we see Sandy nominating Vanitha again with the reason she is too dominating and not worthy to continue in the house. Then Mugen comes in and again nominated Vanitha with same reason. We could see that the boys gang are uniting against Vanitha and nominating her for eviction this week.
bigg boss 3 tamil tharshan nominating Vanitha

bigg boss 3 tamil sandy nominating Vanitha

bigg boss 3 tamil mugen nominating Vanitha

On the other hand Vanitha is shown as nominating Tharshan for elimination saying he is playing dirty politics and may not even get nominated even before Bigg Boss ends.
bigg boss 3 tamil vanitha nominating Tharshan
Cheran is shown hearing all these from secret room. Do you think Vanitha is getting targeted by boys gang for elimination. Comment below.


  1. Yes these boys are playing a cunning game against vanitha as they are afraid of her statergy. Big Boss audience should understand and start evicting one by one from that gang.

  2. Vanitha has no valid reason to constantly target Tharshan. She is jealous of his talent and domination. Always trying to blame it on other people, saying they are giving up or supporting him. When in reality he is naturally the strongest and most dominant competitor. She always starts fights, problems and causes bad blood. Kick her out. She should have never come back. Conniving witch

  3. No only vanita is real. Today’s episode shows Darshan bad attitude. This is a game show. Friendsipku inga velai illa. Big boss should bring a rule that inside big boss house no friendship and no love it must be given as an agreement when the contestent sign their willing agreement. Darshan is fake, Sandy irritating fellow. The gang should be broken. Vanitha must be saved. She is Soo real

  4. I totally agree to that. Vanitha was eliminated and shouldn’t have been brought back in again. If that was the case they could have brought back the others who were eliminated as well. I find her very dominating and expecting everyone listening to her. This is a game show so how others are playing is totally their own style – so whether it is fake or not they are all aiming to win the game. She should go with that and stop condemning each and every contestant. Of course as she finds Tharshan a strong competition to her she wants him out and causing problems here and there.

  5. Vanitha….will be more busy out there looking for new husband. Cheap worthless bitch produced by manjula and vijaykumar…..she syphoned out all of rajkirans wealth while acting with him…just kick the bitch out of this game…


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