Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 5 – Vanitha fights with Tharshan, Sandy, Cheran gets Angry Video

bigg boss vanitha cheran fight

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 5, 2019 Day 74 is already filled with Vanitha’s accusation of Sherin having affair with Tharshan. In this promo video we can see all housemates sitting around a table discussing about tasks. Sherin starts the conversation by saying she has given full attention to the tasks that came yesterday and day before yesterday.

Vanitha argues and says no to that, Tharshan intervenes and says that he wants to talk saying Vanitha doesn’t even understand what he is trying to say but still arguing. Tharshan continues saying Sharin rejected Vanitha’s stitching design as a part of the task, Sandy now interferes and says something. Vanitha gets furious at Sandy saying why this question arises every time, She asks him sarcastically if he has any other important task in the house. Sandy replies in a calm tone no and still Vanitha kept arguing over it.

Now Cheran gets angry over Vanitha and ask is he an idiot to sit and listen to her arguments. He further asks how many times should I talk about this, why cant you understand.

This must be the thing that lead to Vanitha accusing Sherin and Tharshan which was shown in earlier promo videos of the day. Do you think Vanitha is dominating everyone in the house? Comment below.


  1. Vanitha get out from big boss very irritating person not only big boss house public also same thinkng big boss pl through vanitha out

  2. Vanitha is a monster disguise in the human form. Blady fxxking woman , no human can tolerate this bastard
    Very shameful for Vijakumar’ s family.
    Look at her marriage life, no man in this earth can get long. She keep saying captain for this week, ask her to shalf in her asshole

  3. This is game show or Lover show i dont understand, SO silly some contestants like Lossliya & Kavin ,uff bull shit, In that case they should participate in Splits Vill a show, & Big boss production team also encouraging, shame on production team & bigboss team , Throw the dirty contestants outside. We require is 100% game show not love & romance in bigboss show. Bull shit

  4. Sometime Vanitha plays good game, She tells out what big boss show is, Sandy i so silly fellow, For nominating Kavin hes crying… I feel pity for this show . But its dirty contestants this time. Bigboss crew kindly remove so called love birds from inside make them sit in some park and see to each other( kavi & lossliya) ,This is family watching show, Shame on them doing in front of so many cameras. Lossliya she should make country proud by participating in game and prooving herself , Inspite of that shes doing fake relations ,


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