Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 5 Day 74 – Sherin crying, Cheran consoling Sherin Promo Video 2

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 5 Day 74

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil September 5, 2019 started with controversies with Vanitha calling relationship between Sherin and Tharshan as affair. Sherin fought back and there was a lot of arguments between them. Finally Sherin questioned Tharshan if she is forcing him to love her. We can see in this promo video that Sherin is crying and Vanitha is the main reason for this.

She was the one who started abusing Sherin out of nowhere and created this huge incident. Sherin is seen crying and Cheran coming to her rescue. He started consoling her, while Sherin says how can I keep quiet when Vanitha says I have an affair with Tharshan, Sakshi is seen with Sherin here. Cheran says why do you need to give explanation to her allegations.

Then Sherin with folded hands cries I could have tolerated if anyone else would have said this, but Vanitha being my friend I couldn’t take it. Sherin says she doesn’t want to talk with Vanitha or with Tharshan or at home. Tharshan is seen lying on the floor and crying while Cheran trying his best to wipe off tears from Sherin and console her.

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  1. #We stand for Kavin.. Guy’s are playing fair game as human.. With humanity.. Vanitha, Cheran and sherin playing as wild animal nature.

    Sherin is so concern on her nomination, which was done by kavin.. But same sherin nominated kevin for several times, and she has no guilty for such..

    Cheran has an high ego and IC.. He will never bare lost and never digest..

    Vanitha.. Arrogant devil on earth..

  2. Pls send Vanitha out. Game was going smoothly after these two entery it is not good. Everyday we are watching only fight in bb house. Other two entery we can see the same character from them also.

    • Send vanitha t arrogant n irritated face in bb hse,make clumsy n messy,n now 3 contestant enter ,another problem staeted expecially shashi


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