Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 5 Day 74 Highlights – Vanitha calls Sherin and Tharshan Relationship an Affair, Vanitha vs Sherin Twist in Tale Promo Video

bigg boss 3 tamil vanitha vs sherin

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil September 5, 2019 has a huge twist with Vanitha starting a fight with Sherin. This being Day 74 of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil starts Vanitha calling the relationship between Sherin and Tharshan as an affair. Initally it starts with Vanitha talking to Sakshi while Sherin sitting at the back, We see Vanitha saying that she cannot tolerate an affair in front of her eyes and such a bad thing happening to a girl waiting outside. She was targeting Sherin as she is the one in love with Tharshan, while it’s reported that Tharshan is having a girlfriend outside the Bigg Boss house.

Vanitha Vs Sherin Who is correct?

When Vanitha says she cannot tolerate the affair between Sherin and Tharshan, Sherin gets angry and speaks out. She says “How dare you call the relationship between me and him as an affair, You can just talk without knowing”, Then Vanitha says she went out and knows what is happening outside. Sherin fights back saying “You have no rights to talk about my relationship”. Then Vanitha argues while we could see Sakshi closing her ears and eyes walking away.
bigg boss 3 tamil september 5 2019
Shering shouts again in anger if Vanitha knows the difference between love and affair, questions her if she has any common sense. Then Vanitha says that guys Tharshan is walking away decently from Sherin while she keeps going to him. At this point Tharshan intervenes and says Sherin didn’t do anything. Again Vanitha argues and continues to abuse Sherin. Sherin at this point questions Tharshan what I did to you and the promo ends there.

Do you think Vanitha is correct questioning Sherin this way. Will this improve the chances of Sherin getting more votes due to sympathy? If you have not voted you can get information on how to Vote for Bigg Boss Tamil Online here.


  1. Just when you thought that Vanitha is right..things start happening again be cos of her,wrong things as a matter of fact.Well,wrong things have been happening ever since she entered the house.Anyway,The word ‘affair’ is a very strong word for crying out loud.Vanitha was wrong to use that word to her.Apparently Sherine and Tharshan did not behave like that.Although Sherine had some sort of feelings for tharshan,she sorted it out with him and from then on they kept their limits and their good friends.At least,that is what i saw.Furthermore,It was also wrong for Sherine to tell Vanitha how she felt about Tharshan.She was too outspoken about it to Vanitha and now she’s using it against her.To tell the truth,Those kind of feelings about a person,be it a girl or guy, are bound to happen.It is very normal,Especially if you are going to see that person every single day and if you are still single that is.Well it seems like Vanitha the manipulator has proved it once again.Thats all I can say.Anyway I’m defending Sherine in this.Tharshan please be more firm when relaying your point.You need more firepower.Sherine please stop crying.Don’t give in for emotions.Just keep fighting.

  2. I think all these for drama to get vote for Sherin. Sakshi, Sherin and Vanitha were talking together. They know that not much clap for Sherin last weekend. So this drama by three ladies are for votes. And also to make tharshan weak

  3. BIGG BOSS: Provoking inmates get them emotional. AND inmates too provoke others – persons who are matured (like Cheran) survive.
    KAVIN: Planned but very cunning – moving right from beginning -colluding with four others (time to time). Mentally immatured or imbalanced are made as victim. In fact more collusion is between Kavin & Sandy. Dharsan seems to evade from this plan then and there. Mugen keeps always silent, will be thrown away by this group.
    CHERAN: Though wise enough due to his maturity, experience and natural characters seem to be good in the eyes of aged viewers – chances are little as youths who have little sense of thinking not supporting him
    VIEWERS: Vote based on the portrait projection in one hour slot-suppressing many facts.

  4. Vanitha is wrong wat is the purpose to interfere between her two she thinking that she is crct but vanitha is 100% asking one question for wat purpose we r voting I don’t no and for wat purpose ur doing an eviction. While we send out one person then y are u getting back into the house for ur trb?Vanitha is triggering and she unnecssarly she is interfering others emotion it’s too wrong plz send out the vanitha dog she is always dominating other people and she doesn’t give respect to other feelings .hereafter u don’t interfere with others do ur work or other wise u get lost from the house stupid.


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