Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 4 Day 73 Sherin calls Losliya Arrogant, Vanitha supports Sherin, Is Losliya Arrogant? Highlights Promo Video

bigg boss september 4 2019

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil September 4, 2019 Day 73 promo 2 is released by Vijay Tv and it has already received more than 75,000 views in 20 minutes of release time. This video shows that Sakshi, Mohan Vaidya and Abhirami are made as judges to hear the problems between two teams of housemates.

Losliya Vs Sherin who is correct?

Losliya team consists of Kavin, Losliya, Mugen and Sandy. Sherin team consists of Vanitha, Sherin, Cheran and Tharshan. We can see that Losliya initially says that she said sorry and some of the housemates still don’t accept her apology and still think she will not change. We’re not sure what exactly is the initial argument though, but Losliya is apologising for something but the other group is not accepting it. Vanitha is asking whom she is talking about while Sherin interrupts and says she is fed up with Losliya’s arrogance and attitude.

Again Losliya says sorry about her behaviour while Vanitha shouts back says there is no respect in this house from her and the other members of her team. We should know that Vanitha is already having a feud with Kavin yesterday. Losliya is seen talking to Kavin later that she spoke as the other group accused her for that Kavin says they have different justice while we are not given that. Losliya looks shocked.

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  1. No Losliya is correct Why everytime when
    Vanitha shouts with high voice and trying to be the Big Boss and try her force of others to
    anyone someone should defeat back for the correction of her unjustice
    Sherine is angry that she was norminated by Kavin if she has anger with Kavin she should not target Losliya
    and also Vanitha is screwing sherin as well Sherin just because everyone says Angel she thinks
    that she dont know even to talk Tamil properly she trys to play looking at cameras all of them
    NO one is Genuine.
    Losliya is normal she is not acting looking at camera she speaks out the truth. If no one talks back for Vanitha she is going more and more even more than Bigg Boss she is throwing the camera and she always try to protest have union inside house even in school Task Vanitha has no right to poke her nose and show her big mouth when Losliya as another inspector qlty checking was being done to just shout and behave like a Rowdy always she selected the pillows then argued went back threw back all selected back to rejection after looking carefully how Losliya selection was perfect.
    ofcourse if damages or less cotton pillows or not stiched properly the cotton will come out non of us will buy that sort of pillows that qlty checking Losliya is Correct

  2. Losliya is a very arrogant n spoilt kid with no respect for anyone but her sweetheart Poriki Kavin. She has lied many times before. Look at how she says sorry here in this promo. Without even a meaning attached to it.

    • Don’t look at Promo, see the full episode. From the beginning Saskshi, Sherin and Reshma were manipulating and doing dramas. Sherin was alone and tried to be darling to all but now Sakshi there so she is showing her real Face. Vanitha should learn to give respect and get respect. For me Losliya is correct. Kavin is very honest and open not manipulating anything. Vanitha, Sherin and Cheran are very cunning and talking back to the people. The youngsters are genuine and open and honest. They are playing game without hurtign each other and respect each others. So called experinced and renowned people should know how to treat the youngstres and and how to talk tot he. I am happy that Losliya is giving back to Vanitha.She has a back bone

  3. Losliya is a immature immoral idiot of a person. She shall have been kick out long time ago. It’s so unfair she’s kept there. She doesn’t know anything but to be arrogant, flirting and eating like glut.

  4. Losliya is arrogant, no doubt . What happened to her principle speech that was made at the beginning of the show when she has a problem with others. It contradcts now to what she said on that. From this you know she has been faking her behaviour and attitude on the show showing off she is a nice person.

  5. Losliya is behaving like a normal human being…
    But vanitha and sakshi are the real demons.. They don’t believe or trust or go smooth with other people.. And these two sluts always blame others, this is why we eliminate her and vanitha quickly from the show..

    Kavin just escaped with sakshi… Sakshi is a ghost.
    Kavin and Losliya like each other. Why do you all guys hate them… Its their freedom.. Its their future…


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